So you have a shiny new diamond on your left hand; congrats! Now that the bubbly has been popped and the news spread, it鈥檚 time to get to the fun part of planning. Over the next few months you鈥檒l be tasked with everything from picking out the perfect linens to finding a DJ who will bring it on the dance floor. With so many big decisions ahead of you, we鈥檙e here (just like a trusty bridesmaid!) to help with Real Brides Ask, a new series that tackles your toughest bridal questions.


鈥淚鈥檓 newly engaged and have no clue where to start with my registry. What are some affordable gift ideas I can include to be inclusive of every budget?鈥 鈥 Maddie R., Chicago, IL

You鈥檙e engaged 鈥 congrats! While one of the first things you鈥檒l want to do is start registering (we get it, it鈥檚 exciting!) take a second to consider the crowd you鈥檙e inviting. Sure, you might be vying for some high-ticket items, but not everyone鈥檚 bank account may be onboard. Below, Kristen Maxwell Cooper of The Knot shares her best tips on what to register for to appeal to every price point, *especially* for your attendees on a budget.

Real Brides Ask

1. Be selective. There are three key things to remember before walking through the door of any Crate & Barrel or Target store. According to Maxwell Cooper, couples should 鈥渃onsider the accessibility of the retailer for themselves and their guests and the variety of products available, as well as the range of prices for the items they鈥檝e added to their registry.鈥 Some fool-proof products to put on your list? 鈥淎 few common and affordable registry items include classics like towels, sheets, slow cookers, bakeware, and glassware like Champagne flutes and wine glasses, as well as some more modern gifting options like the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, portable bluetooth speakers, and Tile,鈥 she suggests.

Gift Table

2. Group together. According to The Knot, 鈥淭wo in three couples reported registering for items they expected would be purchased as group gifts, with 61 percent of couples receiving group gifts.鈥 As communal gifting becomes more common, adding 鈥渨ish list鈥 items like a KitchenAid or deluxe espresso maker aren鈥檛 out of the question. Just make sure they don鈥檛 comprise the bulk of your selection.

3. Consider cash. It鈥檚 not unusual for guests to forgo the registry altogether in lieu of a card filled with cash. To accommodate these folks, turn to services like TheKnot鈥榮 Newlywed Fund, Zola, or Honeyfund to setup funds that go toward specific activities or goals. 鈥淲e鈥檝e seen couples set up cash funds for everything from a new puppy to IVF treatments, honeymoon activities, and even a lifetime supply of sriracha,鈥 says Maxwell Cooper. As a good rule of thumb for how much to expect from each individual, plan for $50 to $75 from coworkers or distant family members, $75 to $100 from friends or relatives, and $100+ from close pals or immediate family.

Now grab your scanning gun and get going!

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