Congrats, you鈥檙e engaged! So now what? You鈥檝e got a wedding Pinterest board (or two), a million and one checklists, recommendations written on napkins, and a group chat with your bridesmaids 鈥 how are you supposed to stay sane?! That鈥檚 where the hottest couple of the year comes in. The Knot and Amazon Alexa Skills have partnered up to bring you everything you need to plan your dream wedding through two Alexa skills, and we鈥檙e so into it. The Knot Wedding Planner skill will create a personalized wedding day timeline with a minute-by-minute schedule for everyone involved in your big day, and The Knot Flash Briefing skill gives you daily tips and the latest wedding news. You can stay on track without having to lift a finger. (And best of all, both skills are free to enable!) Here are our top three fave features:

wedding planning updates

Get all of your updates in one place. You can ask Alexa for your wedding planning update and she鈥檒l share personalized information such as your wedding day countdown, RSVP tally, budget tracking information, and your next task. She may say, 鈥淐ongratulations! You have 75 days to go until your wedding in Hudson, New York. Out of 150 invitations sent, 142 are excited to celebrate with you. You have $5,000 of your budget left to spend on your wedding. The Knot recommends you book your wedding day transportation.鈥 See? It鈥檚 almost TOO easy.

checklist tasks

Things are so much easier to get done when someone just tells you to do them, right? Once Alexa knows your wedding date, she鈥檒l offer advice from The Knot based on where you are in your planning process. For example: 鈥淭he Knot recommends booking a photographer this month.鈥

wedding day countdown

If you weren鈥檛 already keeping track, at any point you can ask Alexa for your wedding day countdown and she鈥檒l share something like, 鈥淵ou have 20 days until your wedding!鈥 If you just got engaged in the last seven days, she鈥檒l say, 鈥淐ongrats on your engagement, let the countdown begin. There are 300 days until your wedding!鈥

Now that you鈥檝e got your planning process under control, check out Brit + Co on Pinterest for more inspo!

(Photo via The Knot)