Ever wonder how the zebra got its stripes? Maybe tiny Lilliputians dropped black ribbons on from a tiny airship. How did the cheetah get its spots? Perhaps they鈥檙e just temporary tattoos. Why are flamingos pink? Oh right, they鈥檙e in the middle of a color war, getting pummeled by pink paint cannons. Mexican artist Ricardo Solis explores these theories beautifully in his series of incredible illustration work. Let鈥檚 take a look.

Solis鈥 illustrations are whimsical portraits of larger-than-life animals, each one giving a possible explanation for certain little mysteries of nature. Throughout his career, the Guadalajara-based artist has been inspired to create art that captures a child鈥檚 imagination and sense of wonder.

The work depicts everything from stone-carved elephants to balloon-like hippos to tape recorders inside a parrot. The vividly illustrated animals against the tiny black and white drawings of the people puts humans into a creator role, but at the same time they鈥檙e dwarfed by their own engineering feats and by the awesome power of nature.

You can check out more of Solis鈥 work on his website and even buy prints there starting at $24.

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