Rifle Paper Co. has officially stolen our hearts. We were already major fans of the brand for their gorgeous calendars and floral notebooks but after seeing these behind-the-scenes snaps of their company Halloween party we’ve developed a totally new level of love for the brand.

rifle paper co halloween

In an Instagram posted earlier this afternoon, Rifle shared a photo of their “We’ve Moved” card alongside a real-life interpretation of the illustration. The company wrote, “It’s one of our favorite days of the year… the Rifle Paper Co. Halloween Party! It’s become a company tradition to dress up as a Rifle product. This year’s ‘Best Group’ award went to the Accounts team as our ‘We’ve Moved’ postcard!”

How have we never thought of this idea before?!

rifle paper co 2

After sharing the winning costume they also posted photos of a group dressed as one of their Christmas cards and another emulating a Valentine’s Day card (which doubles as a sneak peek of their upcoming V-Day products!!).

rifle paper co 1

Well done Rifle, it’s not even officially Halloween yet and you’ve just set the bar very high.

Do you have a group costume planned for tomorrow? Share your costume idea with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @riflepaperco)