If ya like wearables then you should put Ring on it. It’s a new tech accessory (BTW, can we all agree that tech-cessory is a word now?) that uses ultra-small finger gesture recognition technology to put some of the power of your smartphone and smart home in your pointer.

You slip Ring on your index finger and activate it within seconds. It links with your iOS or Android device — Windows Phone coming soon — and has features standard with smartwatches and other wearables, like vibration alerts for notifications. Ring also comes with a routing device called Hub Paring that lets you hook up all of the smart devices in your home to it. Let the remote stay lost, you can use your finger now to cue up what’s in your Netflix queue. Hook Nest and other apps to automate your home up to Ring and dim your lights with the motion of your finger flicking a switch. Without having to get up from the sofa.

Ring goes all futuristic on us with the ability to pen texts in the air. Just spell out words with the index finger wearing it and message sent. Customize gestures for commands like “Message” (finger the outline of a little envelope in mid-air), “Music” (sketch a little note) and “Camera” (draw out a mini air cam) to activate different apps you’ve downloaded from the Ring Store.

Makers of wearables, we have been asking you for wearable wearables and 2014 feels like the year you’re answering our call. Or at least texting us back to tell us that you’ll call us soon. In terms of wearable-wearability, Ring falls somewhere in between the more masculine black and silver NFC Ring and the “could pretty much pass as real jewelry” Cuff line. With still a month to go, they have almost doubled their Kickstarter goal, so visit the campaign to support or score your own Ring for $165, delivery expected for July.

Would you wear Ring? Give us your thoughts below!