Ever eye the next big thing in wearable tech and wonder, “Um, wearable? To whom?!” When you arrive at the intersection of fashion and technology, there’s a sliver of a stylish silver lining thanks to a smartwatch or two, the new Google Glass prescription frames, the promising Tory Burch for FitBit spring collection. But what if gold is really more your style? Or pearls for that matter.

All that glitters in smart jewelry is now Cuff, a new line of technically savvy accessories that brings much-needed style to the wearable scene. Seriously, we would easily don these dazzlers outside of a tech conference.

But creator Deepa Sood set out to do more than just bring us bionic bling with her bracelets, necklaces and keychain. Cuff’s main job is to act as your own personal security system. You download the app on your iOS device and invite friends and family to join your Cuff Community. If you’re in danger, hold down your CuffLinc, the small square device that fits into pieces within the line, and an alert is sent to your circle until someone responds. CuffLinc uses Bluetooth technology to make you easy to locate. If you don’t have a Cuff, the alert goes directly to your phone.

The pieces range in price from $50 to $150 and currently, the CuffLinc will be included with every item. After that, it will be sold for $30. Cuff is expected to start shipping in fall of this year.

The secure take on a stylish wearable brings much-needed purpose to the product to make it an even better buy for the less techy lady in your life — think, mom and grandma who might not want or need much more than a simple alert system on the go.

Would you wear Cuff? What would you want your smart jewelry to do?