What if we told you all you’d have to do to harvest solar energy was run errands, go to work, pick up lunch, go for a walk in the park? It’s possible with the help of Carbon, the solar charging watch on your wrist.

The watch’s face is a high tech solar cell that collects and converts outdoor AND indoor solar energy. It’ll turn those rays into power to give your smartphone a three hour boost no matter the make or model. After you strap it on, you’re like your own little mobile charging station on-the-go. Go, you!

We don’t get a good look at what Carbon’s watch will be able to do, and it doesn’t mention anything about having Bluetooth connectivity yet, but its Pebble-like physique makes us hopeful that we could have solar power, plus a world of apps at our wrist too.

Although we love the concept, Carbon’s look could use some work to reach a wider audience (ahem, not just dudes). We could picture this version on the wrist of some of the fellas in our lives, but it’s a little bulky for others… and us personally. If this technology could be worked into a bangle, maybe a chunky chain watch or even a keychain we could hook onto our bag — heck, how ‘bout the straps on our bags themselves?! — we would gladly snatch it up. With a solar-powered MacBook in the works and high fashion wearables that convert sun into smartphone juice on the runways, there’s hope that many of our goodies, both electronic and not, will follow the trend.

Carbon still has a month left in their Kickstarter campaign and a ways to go on their goal. Early supporters with a pledge of $95 can get a Carbon Precision Solar Charger with a black silicone strap. After that, $115 will get you the same and $130 will nab you a Complete Package, which includes a leather strap and a case too.

What do YOU think? What accessory would be most useful to you if it could double as a solar charger? Would you wear Carbon?