We all have our big dreams: larger-than-life people we’d like to meet, incredible places we’d like to visit (Harbin Ice Festival, anyone?), and bucket list items that we’re just itching to actually do ourselves. The only thing better than having our own dreams realized, though, is watching other people live theirs — and YouTube Red’s soon-to-debut original series Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams gives viewers the opportunity to do just that.

roman atwood

If the name Roman Atwood doesn’t ring a bell for you, we should probably start there. The vlogger’s wildly popular YouTube channel has racked up nearly 14 million subscribers, all of whom can follow along on his everyday adventures in family, relationships, pets, and more. He signs off of every vlog with the saying, “You’re one of a kind. Smile more,” elevating what otherwise feels like a pretty standard look at an everyday family’s life to a brand of empowerment and positive messaging.

Atwood started his rise to YouTube fame in 2010, when he began filming videos of pranks. He started regular vlogging in 2013 and bills his channel as both family- and kid-friendly. Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams is the next chapter of the YouTuber’s journey, and it focuses on working against challenging odds to ensure that Atwood’s most cheer-deficient fans get a chance to see their dreams become a reality.

Each episode of Day Dreams — which will roll out on YouTube Red later this month — features an amazing surprise pulled off by Atwood, his family, and a team of volunteers. Here are just a few of the dreams you’ll see come to life in the series:

  • Teen amputee Angelo will have the chance to train with his idol Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham at NYC’s Nitro Circus. While that may seem like the ultimate in wish fulfillment, the real surprise comes later in the episode, when Angelo learns that Atwood’s team has been working behind the scenes to secure a larger apartment for him and his family in Los Angeles.
  • A group of Make-A-Wish kids will be treated to an epic glow-in-the-dark surprise at the Cincinnati Zoo. This is what everyone’s glow stick dreams are made of.
  • Cancer survivor and charity volunteer Yosselin will experience her dream vacation to the Bahamas, where she’ll enjoy rainbows, jet packs, and her favorite wildlife. The teen will return home to find that Atwood and his brother have thrown her a huge party to commemorate her fifth year of being cancer-free.
  • Three brothers from Oklahoma will come together for a day of monster truck fun in honor of their father, then be surprised with a fishing boat that will really celebrate his memory.

The internet is a pretty negative place these days, so we’re certainly excited to be able to anticipate a show that’s all positive vibes, all the time. Thanks, Roman, for making our dreams come true with this upbeat series!

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(Photo via Greg Doherty/Getty)