Whether you actually write it down or not, we鈥檙e pretty sure that you have a bucket list 鈥 even if it鈥檚 an unofficial one. There are probably some pretty rad travel destinations on your mental inventory of 鈥減laces to see,鈥 and even the meekest among us have at least thought about whether we would be more likely to swim with sharks or jump out of a plane (hey, who says you have to be a total adrenaline junkie to take a risk?). If you鈥檝e made any of these considerations, you鈥檙e a bona fide bucket-lister. One thing we鈥檙e willing to bet is on almost everyone鈥榮 must-do list is 鈥渇all in love.鈥 This summer, dating site Match.com is incorporating new features to help users check off that particular item 鈥 and is using the very idea of bucket lists to help singles connect with compatible love interests.

In late May, Match launched a new feature that allows love seekers to select bucket list items from four separate themes 鈥 Adventure, Travel, Sports, and Self-Improvement 鈥 as part of their profile.

鈥淵ou simply select the items you hope to see and do one day,鈥 says Mandy Ginsberg, Match鈥檚 CEO. 鈥淚t helps [singles] check things off their bucket list and to meet interesting and like-minded people at the same time.鈥

That information may be even more helpful in your search for love than you would expect 鈥 according to a recent Match study, 73 percent of singles say they would be more attracted to someone if they had a shared bucket list item. And when it comes to the specific items that get the most attention from potential matches, boldness is best! Of the singles surveyed, 85 percent said that a date鈥檚 sense of adventure is an attractive quality.

To add another layer to Match鈥檚 new focus on its鈥 users bucket lists, the site is also launching a Summer Bucket List Event series in 2017. Local events focusing on self-improvement, adventure, travel, and sports (the same themes that users can explore in the new profile feature) are planned for the next few months. For the braver of heart (or the travel-deprived), the series will also include day trips, an Aspen vacation, a volunteering mission to Ecuador, and a seriously cool excursion to experience the Northern Lights.

These events sound pretty awesome unto themselves, and according to Dr. Helen Fisher 鈥 a biological anthropologist who serves as Match鈥檚 Chief Scientific Advisor 鈥 their adventurous nature also fosters a prime environment for finding love.

鈥淣ovelty triggers the dopamine system in the brain to make you feel alert, focused, energetic, optimistic鈥 and often romantic, making one鈥檚 sense of adventure the ultimate aphrodisiac,鈥 Fisher says. 鈥淲hen you find an adventurous partner, you are likely to have a companion who will keep you lively, healthy, and romantic too.鈥

Whether or not you鈥檙e looking for love online this summer or not, you can still take a cue from Match鈥檚 newfound focus on bucket lists. Why not try to check some items off your personal list by putting an adventurous spin on your dating life? Explore a new part of town, ride a roller coaster, or simply leave a little extra room in your schedule for spontaneous adventures.

鈥淪o, you want a great date with someone you barely know?鈥 Fisher says. 鈥淒o anything novel. Novelty鈥 can help push you over the threshold in falling in love.鈥

If you鈥檙e looking for some inspiration for your next adventure, here鈥檚 what Match singles鈥 said topped their bucket lists:

1. Fall in Love 鈥 83 percent

2. Go on a Wine Tour in Napa 鈥 53 percent

3. Change Someone鈥檚 Life for the Better 鈥 52 percent

4. Get to My Ideal Weight 鈥 47 percent

5. Go on a Safari 鈥 45 percent

6. Ride a Hot Air Balloon 鈥 45 percent

7. See the Northern Lights 鈥 45 percent

8. Go to the Super Bowl 鈥 43 percent

9. Swim With Dolphins 鈥 39 percent

10. Travel Through Europe 鈥 38 percent

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