Back away from the tape measure, because finally there’s a way to measure an entire room and make a floor plan with just your iPhone. You know what this means? Your next trip to IKEA just got a whole lot easier.

RoomScan is an iOS app that maps out whatever room you want. But how does this mystical technology work? Just tap your phone against each wall, following the instructions on your screen, and blamo! It’s that easy. It uses technology like GPS and gyroscope that are already in your iPhone to determine the distance between walls.

In addition to mapping out distances and mocking up a floor plan, you can attach pictures and notes to make planning your interiors that much easier.

RoomScan is free, but there’s a limit on the number of rooms you can scan (four) and measurements are approximated within half a foot. If you need more accurate measurements, RoomScan Pro is $4.99 and allows you to scan unlimited rooms to exact distance with the help of a…. laser measure?!?!? With RoomScan Pro, you can incorporate doors and windows into your floor plan, too.

Even if you’re not buying new furniture, this is a great way to visualize your space so you can sketch your ideal feng shui without moving your couch a dozen times.

Want to give RoomScan a shot? Test it out and let us know what you think!