There are so many different seafood options to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one (especially if you’re shopping on an empty stomach). But for all that variety, mild, versatile white fish usually tops our list. Sea bass in particular has a buttery, delicate texture, and none of that fishy flavor that might turn off picky eaters. Try it cooked en papillote, or as an upgrade to your favorite tilapia recipes. At least one of these 15 sea bass dinners is bound to become a favorite.

1. Grilled Sea Bass With Grape Salsa: If you want to add an unexpected flavor to your next meal, look no further than this grape salsa. It’s a little sweet, has a bracing dose of diced red onion, and just enough cilantro to season your whole plate. (via Cherry on My Sundae)

2. Herbed Sea Bass Curry With Lemon Rice: An unusual combination of spices, including juniper berries, cloves, and cumin, take center stage in this curry. Pair it with lemon rice, which injects a dose of simple, bright flavor to the complex sauce. (via Berries and Spice)

3. Roast Sea Bass Traybake: Serving an elegant seafood dinner doesn’t have to be difficult. Just cook everything together on one sheet pan, and add in a little bit of smokey, salty bacon to help infuse the dish with flavor. (via Sugar Free Londoner)

4. Cantonese Steamed Fish: Steamed sea bass becomes so tender, it practically melts in your mouth. A light seasoning of ginger and scallions enhances the delicate flavor of the fish without overwhelming it. (via Stranded on the Island)

5. Miso Marinated Sea Bass: Slightly sweet, deeply savory miso adds big flavor to this dish, which is cooked in a parchment paper packet. Eat it right out of the packet for easy cleanup. (via Dishing Out Health)

6. Sea Bass With Salsa and Tahini: Nutty tahini and juicy tomato salsa work surprisingly well together, striking a balance between earthy and fruity flavors. Serve with a fillet of your favorite fish fried skin-on until crisp. (via A Kitchen in Istanbul)

7. Sea Bass and Zucchini Sheet Pan Dinner: Mushrooms, zucchini, and sea bass (topped with minced shallot) cook in 15 minutes or less in one pan, but are still full of flavor. (via A Sweet Pea Chef)

8. Salt and Pepper Crusted Sea Bass: When making a simple seafood dish, it’s hard not to go wrong with a tangy lemon-butter sauce. Just spoon it on top for a rich flavor that’ll keep you going back bite after bite. (via Killing Thyme)

9. Coconut Curry Sea Bass: Creamy coconut milk can stand up to spice, like in the fiery red curry paste in this recipe. Slowly simmer your protein in the luxuriously smooth sauce until tender, then serve over rice or noodles. (via Tasting Page)

10. Grilled Whole Fish: Want to impress your dinner party guests? Serve up some grilled whole fish, with plenty of lemon on the side. (via House of Nash Eats)

11. Sea Bass Fillets With Crushed Baby Potatoes: Sometimes the side dish is the star of your meal, and while the simple sea bass fillets here are delicious, the crushed potatoes almost steal the show. Baby spinach adds a hint of freshness to your plate. (via Top Food Facts)

12. Grilled Sea Bass With Watermelon Mango Salsa: Add a refreshing, tropical flair to your next dinner with this mango and watermelon salsa. Pair it with any grilled protein for a tasty meal. (via Foodie Girl Chicago)

13. Sea Bass Fillets With Prawns: Why settle for surf ‘n’ turf when you could have surf ‘n’ surf instead? Sea bass fillets are wrapped around prawns in this recipe, then paired with a creamy saffron sauce. (via Shoot the Cook)

14. Sea Bass With Lemon Caper Sauce: Salty, pungent capers add some liveliness to this pan-fried fish. Dusting the fillets in flour gives them an extra-crispy exterior. (via My Modern Cookery)

15. Seared Sea Bass With Lemon Chive Beurre Blanc: Once you learn to make beurre blanc, you’ll want to spoon it on everything. This version is extra flavorful, thanks to the addition of chopped chives and lemon juice. (via The Charming Detroiter)

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