Sean Spicer really can’t catch a break lately, though that’s pretty much because he’s bringing it all on himself (as Melissa McCarthy and SNL just hilariously showed us). And while we’re getting used to President Trump’s Twitter outbursts (though really, SMH!), his press secretary’s latest flub-up has made him the target of unrelenting trolls.

Sean Spicer

Spicer has already found himself in a five-year Twitter feud with Dippin’ Dots and recently sent out multiple tweets that only contained eight random characters, which most folks believe were his passwords, but this time around, it’s Venmo that’s causing the press secretary a headache.

For anyone who needs some quick deets: Venmo “is a free digital wallet that lets you make and share payments with friends. You can easily split the bill, cab fare, or much more.” Pretty handy, yes?

It’s also probably a good idea to keep your account private if you’re in a very public professional position, ya know, like press secretary to a rather controversial new president. Sean Spicer, however, has left his account public and yowza!

As soon as the public account was discovered, it (natch) went around the internet like a wildfire, and trolls have been taking full advantage, demanding payment for everything from the cost of Melania Trump’s stay in NYC to the education they feel he’s now made worthless.

Though it looks like those requesting money might end up disappointed.

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(h/t Elite Daily; photo via Chip Somodevilla/Getty)