After Sunday evening’s presidential debate, where Donald Trump made people uncomfortable both with the things he said and by looming behind Hillary Clinton like a bird of prey, it’s become even more clear that this election is getting intense. Based on a series of tweets he sent out early Tuesday, Trump has decided to spend his post-debate energy berating members of the very political party he’s representing.

At this point, it’s not all that surprising that Donald Trump would insult the people who are trying to help him get elected, or that he would use Twitter to do it. (A strange, “we live in the future”-type moment occurred during Sunday’s debate when Trump was asked to defend his habit of tweeting rude things late at night, to which he responded that he’s “not unproud” of his social media use.) Tuesday morning’s tweetstorm was likely motivated by the huge number of Republican politicians pulling their support from him in the wake of his many scandals, but especially the latest one, which featured him bragging about assaulting women on a tape from 2005. And for all the turmoil we’re seeing, there appears to be even more behind the scenes.

But even if it’s not totally unsurprising, the way Trump is attacking the people helping to get him elected is still very unusual. Imagine Hillary Clinton turning on the Democratic Party, for instance. Bernie Sanders, who ran as an outsider and drew many comparisons to Donald Trump for that status, never came close to disparaging the party or specific people in the same way.

In particular, an early entry in Trump’s tweetstorm piqued people’s interest. “It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me,” he wrote at 10 this morning, “and I can now fight for America the way I want to.” What could this mean? Seems to be the question on people’s minds. How have any “shackles” been “taken off” Trump? And that was what he acted like when the shackles were on?

If it’s true that Trump was restrained in any way (which is kind of unbelievable), what will this newly unshackled Donald Trump look and act like? With a month to go before the election, we may be in for even more surprises.

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(Photo via Jessica Kourkounis/Getty)