So you know we love glitter, confetti, and most things that sparkle. You didn’t think we’d forget confetti and glitter’s cousin once removed, did you? Hello sequins! Known for blinging out just about everything, sequins can also earn you more subtle style points. In this project, we’ll show you how to use a handful of sequins to add a pop of color to any basic chain.

 – 2-3 feet of chain

– needle + thread

– sequins

– jump ring

We used turquoise sequins, thread, and some extra chain we had on hand. You could do the same thing with an existing long chain necklace if you have one.

To make sure the chain doesn’t get tangled, we spooled it around another roll of thread.

Thread your needle and lay the first length of chain flat on your workspace. Tie a knot at one end of the thread and loop it through one chain link to fasten it to the necklace.

Thread one sequin on and pull all the way to the chain. Bring your needle through the back of the next chain link, pull the next sequin on, and repeat. The sequins should lay flat against the chain, but will naturally twist and turn a little bit while you’re sewing.

Repeat in sections along your chain.

We did concentrated amounts of sequins every 3 inches or so.

When you’re done with each section, tie a knot that loops through your last chain link.

To finish off your necklace, use a jump ring to connect the two chain ends together. And that’s it!

You can wear it as a necklace.

Or even as a wrap bracelet! And yes, it happens to match my new Jawbone UP perfectly. Can’t say the same for those chipped nails ;)

What other fun sequin projects have you tried your hand at? Talk to us in the comments below.