We like to think of confetti as glitter’s older, wiser, life-of-the-party cousin. The holidays at Brit HQ may have been all about glitter, but we’re pumped to be ushering in the new year with loads of color, polka dots, and… confetti!

From confetti soap to confetti wrap bracelets, here are 10 DIY projects that celebrate this ridiculously colorful material.

1. Confetti Cones: Simply roll up a bit of craft paper, tape it at the bottom, and fill with confetti. Woot woot!

2. Confetti Balloons: If you were in on the October Brit Kit (still available as a one-off in our shop!), you may already be a confetti balloon expert.

3. Confetti Headband: Like our New Year’s Eve statement headbands, all you need is a headband, hot glue, and confetti for this colorful look.

4. Confetti Wine: Looking for a way to dress up that $5 wine you bought at the corner store? Cover it with confetti, of course.

5. Confetti Ribbon: You may have seen similar DIY ribbons or garlands around, but we’ve got an amazing hack. Take a piece of painter’s tape, stick confetti pieces on it, sew down the middle, and peel the tape off. So simple!

6. Confetti Soap: Spice up your standard soap pump by filling it with confetti. Make sure to use confetti that’s large enough that it won’t try making its way into the pump. This will certainly surprise your guests when they use the restroom at your party.

7. Confetti Party Favors: Hand out envelopes filled with confetti as people arrive at your New Year’s party, or keep a bunch in your purse for wandering parties.

8. Confetti Wrap Bracelet: Hot glue and beige leather cord come together beautifully in this wrap. (Scroll up to the headband to see another shot of the wrap bracelet in action.)

9. Confetti Canvas Wall Art: In need of a burst of color on those walls? Grab a few canvases and some mod podge, and go to town with your confetti collection.

10. Confetti Coaster: Finally, where to put all those drinks but on confetti coasters?! This one would also work festively with our polka dot party decor. Happy New Year indeed!

How will you decorate for New Year’s Eve? Or any other upcoming parties? Talk to us in the comments below.