We’ve been celebrating ever since we learned that Shania Twain is coming out with an album this September, and the emotional truth behind her new music only made us more eager to support the singer, who has been on an emotional rollercoaster in recent years. Her new “Life’s About to Get Good” video proves that life *is* about to get good, though — and we couldn’t love it more.

In the video, Twain is all about starting over and getting over her ex — she takes a picture of them together and literally dumps him out of the frame — in order to move on to a super happy future. As she sings, a team of colorfully dressed bellhops and maids cleans her home, getting rid of relics from her past and replacing the drab white and gray furnishings with vibrant decor (and even a new closet full of clothes).

They don’t get rid of everything, though. She gets to keep her outfits from her former videos and famous performances, natch. Seriously, she slays her “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” get-up as hard as ever.

When Twain steps up onto the roof with the gorgeous sky surrounding her, and out into the pool area in a colorful, flowing dress, we just want to sing along with her, because we have no doubt that Shania Twain is 100 percent right: Life’s about to get good!

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(h/t Rolling Stone; photos via Shania Twain VEVO/YouTube)