Shania Twain’s life can best be described as a roller coaster of highs and lows. But the “queen of country pop,” who had to endure specialized therapy to repair her voice, is back after a 15-year break with a new album that will remind you why you loved her tunes so much in the first place. We’re already singing along enthusiastically to her super catchy single, “Life’s About to Get Good,” and we’re totally touched by her confession about the emotional truth behind her new music.

Shania Twain

“I’m a fighter. I have a lot of determination in me… that’s what motivates me — challenge and facing my fears,” Twain shared while appearing this morning on TODAY. “Of course it was scary coming out again after so many years, and writing the whole album alone — which I did on purpose — to push myself and really find and rediscover myself as a songwriter.”

Rediscovering herself was necessary not only because of the years away from her career, but also because of the turmoil and stress she faced up until the 2010 finalization of her divorce from ex-husband (and ex-producer) Robert “Mutt” Lange, who had been having an affair with Twain’s best friend.

These days, as the singer lives happily with a new love (who just happens to be the ex-husband of her ex-best friend), she now feels like she’s seen “the light at the end of the tunnel.”

And at the end of the tunnel, life’s about to get good. Just listen to her new single to find out for yourself.

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(Photo via Nicholas Hunt/Getty)