At this point in the season, it’s pretty safe to say that we’re so over winter. Even the finest and comfiest of spicy soups can’t seem to wipe the gloom from our gazes. Not to mention, we’re all eating light and crisp lettuce wraps for lunch to stick with our newfangled clean eating habits. Once we get home from work, we need a cozy, slow cooker meal hug and we need it STAT. That’s where these 14 brilliantly soothing stews come in.

1. Slow Cooker Mustard Marsala Chicken: If you’re all about comfort food and self-indulgence, start planning for this dinner now. Tender chicken simmers in flavors that are rich, herbaceous and tangy before being piled onto fluffy mashed ‘tatoes. (via A Pleasant Little Kitchen)

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2. Pork and Squash Stew Recipes: This recipe brings stew as we know it to a whole new level. With tender pork shoulder and squash as the foundation, each bowl is topped with crunchy pepitas, tangy pickled red onions and refreshing cilantro leaves for added brightness. (via Kitchen Konfidence)

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3. Fiery Crock Pot West African Peanut Stew: For a lot of us growing up, stew was a big steamy bowl of beef and juices mixed in with carrots and potatoes. This punchy version will bring your tastebuds on an exciting journey with peanut-y tomato goodness. (via Cotter Crunch)

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4. Healthy Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy: The French classic is brought to the slow cooker because… yeah, us hardworking folk deserve a first-rate meal to be ready when we get home from a long day, amirite? Juicy braised beef and veggies simmer in a red wine sauce to give you a dish that will soothe your soul immediately. (via Healthy Seasonal Recipes)

5. Slow Cooker Chicken Ratatouille Stew: This wholesome and nourishing stew brings the essence of the lovable ratatouille to the dinner table with a medley of veggies and tender pulled chicken. Eat it as is with bread or over rice, and pack some for your lunch the next day! (via My Life Cookbook)


6. Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Lentil Stew: With a blend of sweet butternut squash and lentils, this stew is as robust as any meaty variation out there. (via Foolproof Living)

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7. Slow Cooker Cajun Chicken and Sausage: If spicy Cajun flavors are your jam, this delectable chicken and sausage stew will blow your mind. (via Tastes Better from Scratch)

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8. Slow Cooker Apple Cider Beef Stew: Chilly weather is so much more bearable with the aroma of cider and belly-warming bowls of stew. (via From Our Hideaway)

9. Slow Cooker Wild Boar Stew With Mushrooms: Wild boar may not be something that people cook with often, but if you ever get the opportunity to snag some, we encourage it. It makes for fantastic comfort food, and this glorious stew proves it. (via Krumpli)

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10. Slow Cooker Spanish Chicken Stew: If you find yourself at a crossroad between stew and soup, get the best of both and go for this tasty broth-y stew. (via Sweet Peas and Saffron)

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11. Slow Cooker Italian Beef Stew: Juicy beef is slow cooked with tomatoes, veggies and a splash of wine, then is spooned onto a dreamy bed of mashed potatoes. Serving it with polenta and a big hunk of crusty bread isn’t a bad idea, either! (via The Life Jolie)

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12. Chili Verde With Shredded Pork: This drool-worthy chili verde with shredded pork is what comfort food dreams are made of. Bonus: All you need is five ingredients and a slow cooker. Yes, please. (via Savory Tooth)

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13. Slow Cooker Fall Harvest Pork Stew: When you slow cook pork, apples, veggies and fresh herbs together for hours, varying flavors come together in a huge way. (via Slow Cooker Gourmet)

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14. Italian Sausage and Vegetable Stew: With Mediterranean vegetables, tangy tomatoes and Italian spices, this dinner begs to be put on repeat. (via Simply Stacie)

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