When it comes to healthy eating, nothing can really top clean eating recipes. More moderate than low-carb diets or low-fat ones, clean eating simply requires you to eat real, *unprocessed* foods. This means eliminating grains, most dairy, sugars, and artificial ingredients, and instead choosing foods that can be prepared and consumed directly as they’re harvested. In other words, meats, vegetables, nuts, fruit, naturally occurring sugars, and starchy carbohydrates such as potatoes and gourds. If you’re ready to make the switch to healthy meals, these clean-eating recipes will take you from breakfast all the way through dessert.


1. Egg Clouds: Start the day off right with eggs fit for a queen. Loaded with healthy fats, this alternative style of cooking your eggs will help you begin the day with necessary nourishment to keep your day balanced.

2. Iced Bulletproof Coffee: Trust us — bulletproof coffee is your new best friend, especially for indulging before work in the morning. This one is made with coconut based MCT oil, grass-fed butter, and iced coffee that are all blended together before being served over ice.

3. Twice Baked Sweet Potato Egg Boat: Sweet potatoes are a beloved standby for most clean eaters, and for good reason. When you’re no longer eating regular bread, you really miss toast. Sweet potatoes make for an amazing substitution, and are packed with all kinds of vital nutrients — and flavor.

4. DIY Oat Milk: Instead of spending an upwards of $6 a pint for oat milk, make your own with water, oats, salt, and a high-speed blender. From there the flavor options are limitless. Keep it plain for coffee and smoothies. (via Brit + Co)


5. Mermaid Veggie Sushi Bowl: Sushi is clean-diet-approved as it’s packed with tons of vitamins and minerals. These veggie-filled bowls showcase the flavors of mango and cabbage as well as ginger, tofu, and soy.

6. Blender Pea Soup: The sweet flavors of fresh peas and leeks make up this yummy, paleo-friendly recipe. Make this warm, hearty soup so you can bring it with you to work and heat it up throughout the week.

7. Chicken Zoodle Soup: Check out this nutrient-packed chicken soup. It’s loaded with superfood ingredients like ghee, garlic, carrots, and fresh zoodles. Nourish yourself while fighting off colds.

8. Keto Ramen Zoodles: Here’s another replacement for a carb-heavy dinner fave: ramen. The flavors of zucchini noodles are played up with onion, garlic, ginger, and coconut aminos.


9. Paleo Air Fried Chicken Tenders: Almond meal is the secret ingredient of this crunchy, air fried chicken, which provides a lightened up version to a comfort food staple.

10. Pan Seared Dover Sole: Sometimes, it’s the simplest dishes that really pack the most flavor. This buttery pan seared fish recipe is no exception — butter, lemon juice, and capers play up the flavors of fresh fish. You can always sub in ghee or olive oil if you have a dairy sensitivity.

11. Grilled Harissa Shrimp With Tomato Chickpea Sauce: Tender shrimp, seasoned with spicy harissa and a tomato sauce with dill, makes for a nutritious upgrade to dinner.

12. Animal Style Whole30 Burger: Speaking of indulgences, this In N’ Out inspired burger recipe is amazing at keeping you full all day. It’s also packed with protein, fiber, and healthy carbs to keep you full and satisfied.


13. Three-Ingredient Blue Magik Nice Cream: It really doesn’t get much simpler than this. As the title suggests, these little treats are made with just three healthy ingredients: bananas, blue magik, and vanilla.

14. Cassava Flour Brownies: No sugar, no gluten, no dairy (other than ghee)? No problem with these brownies that still manage to taste like the real deal.

15. Homemade Paleo Almond Joys: Coconut flakes, toasted almond, and cocoa come together for an indulgence that totally fits within your clean eating guidelines.

16. Vegan Cookie Dough Bites: Almond butter, maple syrup, almond flour, and chocolate chips combine together for a legit take on clean cookie dough.

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Additional reporting by Maggie McCracken

(Photos via Brit + Co)