Dogs have a way of brightening up any day. From slobbery kisses to their unbridled joy that greets you every evening as if you were covered in bacon, we think dogs are amazeballs! So in an effort to spread the fur-covered joy, we have 10 seriously adorable smiling pups to perk up your day. Scroll. Smile. Repeat.

1. Happy Puppy: Those teeth have probably devoured every shoe and table leg in the house. (via The Eve of Destruction)

2. A Furry Personality: So much happiness wrapped in so much fur! (via The Dogist)

3. A Big Smile for the Camera: Did someone say cheeeese? (via Ty Foster)

4. A Little DIYer: We think he’d have a grand time DIY-ing with us at the Brit + Co SF shop. (via Thank Dog Photography)

5. The King of the Ball: Our vote for cutest ball chaser goes to this handsome fellow. (via The Dogist)

6. Running for the Gold: Ground control to major tongue… ;) (via Dog Breath Photography Blog)

7. Hello, Brown Eyes: This Labradoodle is too sweet with those big brown eyes and that awesome curly ‘do. (via The Dogist)

8. They See Me Rolling: Well, ain’t you fancy rolling through town in your pink “cadillac” with your ears flopping in the breeze all Thelma minus Louise. (via Thank Dog Photography)

9. Laughing All The Way: We apparently missed a really good joke. (via Dog Breath Photography Blog)

10. Crazy Face: Chase those tennis ball dreams, buddy. (via Sara Beth Photography)

What pup brings the biggest smile to your face? Bark about your favorite pooch in the comments below.