Yesterday we shared our the totally creative (human) winners of our Halloween Costume Contest, but today is all about the dogs! As you may know, we teamed up with Milk-Bone® to award the best dog costumes of 2013, and all of you dog parents did not disappoint. Now, drumroll please…. here are the 12 pups who won!

Best in Show (Grand Prize): Top dog in this contest wins a custom dog bed, custom dog leash & collar, 6-month subscription to BarkBox, and a 1-year supply of Milk-Bone® products. Awesome!

And the winner is…

UP: This iconic costume combines color, DIY, and Pixar in one insanely cute costume. The hand-drawn house is what really won this one for us. We also love how mini the dog looks in comparison to those giant balloons – we’re surprised he or she isn’t floating in midair!

Best in Breed (1st Runner Up): This winner gets custom dog leash & collar, 6-month subscription to BarkBox, and a 6-month supply of Milk-Bone® products. Also a pretty awesome win!

And the award goes to…

Liberace: The detailed work on the piano alone is enough to make us swoon, but mostly we love that this dog parent created an entire tableau for their pup’s costume. The framed photo of Liberace’s partner is an especially solid touch.

Blue Ribbons (10 Winners): And finally, our blue ribbon winners. Each of these dogs gets a custom dog leash & collar as well as a 6-month supply of Milk-Bone® products.

1. Harry Potter: Pipe cleaners as glasses and the lightning bolt scar? Genius. These well-coiffed pups would look right at home at Hogwart’s.

2. Thanksgiving Turkey: How timely is this? The whole scene is set so perfectly, we wish Thanksgiving was already here.

3. Chia Pet: There’s just something about this photo, the fence, the painted orange legs, and the face on this dog that makes this the best Chia Pet costume we’ve ever seen. And yes, there were multiple Chia Pet entries in this contest.

4. Mummy: How crazy is this? This costume is sort of hard to understand, and is so well done! It looks like a skeleton and mummy are carrying a pumpkin, and looking rather stylish while doing it.

5. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke: And onto the pop culture segment of today’s program…! Dogs dressed as Miley Cyrus might be the best thing to come out of Halloween this year. The little buns push us right over the edge.

6. What Does the Fox Say?: We’ll admit, we’re partial to this costume because we created our own for this year’s pop culture costumes shoot. We’re betting we know what this fox says. Woof!

7. Captain America: A costume that requires you to lounge around on the grass? Winning.

8. Where’s Waldo: True story: There are 7 Waldo entries to this dog costume contest! This one is by far our favorite, but we’ve got a thing for bulldogs around here.

9. Facebook: Of course, we’ve gotta give props to the techie dog parents out there.

10. Doctor Pug: And finally, Doctor Pug, providing unlimited cuteness one patient at a time.

Which of these is your favorite? Did you dress your pet up this Halloween? Talk to us in the comments below. And to see more of our favorites. head to our Trick-or-Treat Pinterest Board. #HalloWOOF!

This contest is a partnership with Milk-Bone®.