Along with point-and-shoot cameras, radios and CD players, you know what else the iPhone is running out of business? Alarm clocks. Well, cute, contemporary ones, anyway. And now that we rely on iPhones to help us rise and shine, we have a new problem 鈥 the dreaded accidental 鈥渄ismiss鈥 swipe. You know you鈥檝e done it before. But the guys over at Distil Union came up with a simple, brilliant solution. Meet Snooze ($35), a bedside iPhone dock that lets you doze on with a quick tap of the hand, old school alarm clock style. YES.

This baby is just simple, functional, SMART design. No cords, no fussy buttons, no problem. AND it doubles as a charging dock. It鈥檚 the iPhone accessory we didn鈥檛 know we needed, but now we can鈥檛 live without it.

We love that Distil Union also created a聽free app聽that complements the Snooze and is just as beautiful and smart. It makes us excited about setting alarms. Which is pretty hard to do.

So go ahead and slam that alarm into snooze mode like it鈥檚 the olden days again. You snooze, you WIN, people! ;)

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