Starbucks knows that your adoration for their lattes and Frappuccinos, treats and teas is something you like to share with your loved ones. That’s why they have just the thing that you’ve been looking for on your search for the perfect heart-warming (and belly-warming) gift for your mama-dearest this Mother’s Day.

Starbucks _ Teavana_Mothers_Day_2016

“Teavana Flowering Pineapple White Tea and Peach Momotaro™ Artisan Blooming Tea is an elegant gift, with a crown of regal marigold flowers inside a hand-tied white tea ball that unfurls with flavor,” Starbucks explains on their website. They show a short time-lapsed video of the process, which is as lovely as it is surely tasty, and is just the first of a few options Starbucks is offering this season — because not every mom likes the same bloomin’ tea.

Starbucks _ Teavana_Mothers_Day_2016

Perhaps your mom would prefer a chocolate treat, a collectable coffee mug or a stacking cup and teapot. If none of those sound right for the lady you know and love, then Starbucks has you covered with a gift card that will make sure mom gets exactly what she wants (as long as she can purchase it at Starbucks, of course).

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(photo via Starbucks)