Britt and Whit are San Francisco style bloggers, but really feel more like your fashion girl bffs — you know, those gals who know how to throw together the most on-point outfit like that. All through December, they’re sharing their best cold weather style hacks! Check back here for tips on how to nail your trickiest winter style dilemmas.

Traveling during the holidays is basically a given. Whether you’re trotting over to the neighbors’ house or flying from your home away from home back home, you need to be on top of your style game for a few reasons. First, there’s the to-and-from outfit. To nail it, you need to balance your cozy-girl outfit tendencies (sweat pants, leggings, et all) with chic, versatile pieces that you can put on and take off whether you’re in a scrunched seat or an extra toasty apartment. Then, there’s the packing. You want to bring all of the clothes along, but you *know* either space will be tight after you open your presents or you’re not going to want to carry around those bulky layers once you arrive at your destination. The solutions? Dishing on the traveling outfit + packing tips we use to get us through the December hustle.

How to Pick the Perfect Plane Outfit


Britt: I don’t know about you guys, but I hate being cold on long flights. So, my go-to for holiday travel style is all about the layers. I start with a light, long sleeve tee and then layer on a cardigan, which is easy to remove in case I start to get too warm. For pants I typically rock a pair of jeggings. I know what you’re thinking — so 2010 – but they are super comfy and perfect for looking pulled together on long flights. Finally, some easy to slip-on shoes, which in my book is anything without laces or buckles, in order to get you through security in no time.

#StyleHack: Accessorizing will elevate your travel style to jet-setter status! I always travel with a scarf, not only to keep warm but so I can use it as a makeshift pillow if I forget to bring one. I also love a good hat, and as hard as I’ve tried, I never manage to pack one without crushing it at some point during the journey. So I’ve finally abandoned the packing method and just wear it on the plane. I no longer have to worry about it being crumpled when I arrive and it acts as a cover up for any less-than-desirable hair look after the journey.


How to Pack for the Holidays


Whit: Whether I’m headed home for the holidays or off on a vacation, I try to pack in a way that results in multiple outfits with minimal changes. It’s all about picking pieces that are versatile, like wear-anywhere heels, a scarf that can dress up an outfit and a top that can be paired with boyfriend jeans on the plane and a skirt later on. When in doubt, go simple, comfy and chic!

#StyleHack: When traveling, I always recommend wearing your heaviest coat and boots on the plane. It leaves room in your suitcase for more outfit options, while keeping you nice and warm at 35,000 feet! I also like to pack all of my heavy statement jewelry pieces so I don’t have to struggle with it as I go through security. It’s one less thing to worry about when I’m rushing to make my flight.


What travel style tips do you swear by? To learn more about this stylish duo, visit their blog here.