During the summer聽months, fixing our tresses can be quite the task. It鈥檚 hot, it鈥檚 humid 鈥 it鈥檚 everything our hair doesn鈥檛 like. So what does one do when they鈥檙e looking for tips on how to beat the heat? Watch a tutorial or two (or three), of course. Check out these 15 hair routines to upgrade your daily regimen this summer.

1. Perfect Beach Waves: Still trying to find out how people get those perfect beach waves? Tanya Burr shows us how to get beachy hair *without* hitting the sand. (via Tanya Burr)

2. Voluminous Waves: No matter the season, voluminous waves are always a good idea. Set aside a few extra minutes and break out the curling wand to get this beautiful 鈥榙o. (via Zoella)

3. For Growing Healthy, Long Hair: It can be hard to keep your tresses looking their best in the summertime. Follow Hello October鈥檚 routine for growing healthy long hair to avoid any breakage or split ends. (via Hello October)

4. Loose Curls: Our favorite part about MamaMiaMakeup鈥檚 daily hair routine? She has *blue* hair. Yep, we鈥檙e into it. (via MamaMiaMakeup)

5. Perfect Beach Waves: It doesn鈥檛 get any easier than leaving your hair wet and walking out the door, which BTW you can totally get away with in warmer weather. Sign us up! (via Hails)

6. For Short Hair: Summer is the perfect time to chop your locks into a lob. Follow this tutorial to learn how to style your new 鈥榙o. Adding loose waves for extra texture and volume is never a bad thing. (via Shop Style Conquer)

7. For Natural Hair: Washing your hair on the reg actually isn鈥檛 that necessary. Give it a good wash a couple times a week using this tutorial for natural hair. (via The Chic Natural)

8. For Extra Moisture: In the mood for some extra volume? Use Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a little va-va-voom and moisture, just like Allison鈥檚. (via Allison Anderson)

9. Quick + Easy Sleek Hair: Let鈥檚 be honest: During the summertime, we don鈥檛 have a lot of extra time to tame the mane. Follow this tutorial for a quick and easy routine that you can do every day. (via EleventhGorgeous)

10. Beach Hair: Nothing鈥檚 better than beach waves during summer, right? Right. We鈥檙e loving these ringlet curls that are oh-so easy to achieve. (via Dani Austin)

11. Sweat-proof Hair: A cute and easy style that鈥檚 sweat-proof too? Yes, it exists. Pull your hair away from your face and avoid frizz by rocking a pair of milkmaid braids. (via Ingrid Nilsen)

12. For Ringlet Curls: Embrace your curls and go for a ringlet look. There鈥檚 no better time to rock your natural hair than the hottest months of the year. (via Birmabb)

13. No-Heat Beach Waves: It鈥檚 just too toasty outside to be adding extra heat to your hair. So why not try out these no-heat summer beach waves? We鈥檙e loving Aspyn鈥檚 curly tresses. (via Aspyn Ovard)

14. For Naturally Curly Hair: Take your summer look to the next level by wearing your hair completely natural. Who doesn鈥檛 love voluminous, curly hair? We sure do. (via SunKissAlba)

15. Wash + Go Curls: Running late? It doesn鈥檛 get any easier than this daily routine. We鈥檙e a-okay with washing our hair and running out the door five minutes later. Low-maintenance hair FTW. (via Summer Kellsey)

What鈥檚 your summer hair routine? Share your tips in the comments below.