T-Mobile is hooking it UP for its customers lately. It all started with Tuesday giveaways and now it’s inspiration to finally book that trip to Europe. Drum roll, please… The carrier announced today that it is giving its customers free, unlimited, high-speed data in Europe this summer. What the what?

Woman traveling.

This is seriously a game-changer. It means you don’t have to wait to get back to your hotel to post to Instagram. You can instantly get directions around those tiny, winding streets and never get lost. You can find out what’s cool around you without any forethought. T-Mobile texting in Europe is absolutely free, so it will be easy to stay in contact with the new European friends you’re bound to make (and your squad back home, too). And on top of all that, everyone traveling this weekend — seriously, everyone, even non-T-Mobile customers — will get one hour of free WiFi on any domestic flight that’s Gogo-enabled. Way to make a play for our affections, T-Mobile!

Free European data goes through the end of August, so if you needed a push to finally book your trip, this is it. We’ll see you in Paris?

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