Alright ladies, this is the one trick you need to know when it comes to completing your beach-babe look in the summer. We put bronzer on our faces to help enhance and define our features, so why stop there? We have all had that dress that may not hold our girls in the best way but is too good everywhere else not to wear, or you might have tan lines that clash with your attire from too much fun in the sun, or maybe if you’re like me, you tend to get flushed after the first sip of anything alcoholic, but are not staying away from the margs this time around! Good news: you already own what you need to brush up your décolleté, and you can get this done in a matter of minutes!


Step 1: Apply Foundation


Use a flat foundation brush or beauty sponge to apply a thin layer of foundation (you can just use the same foundation that you use on your face) to any exposed skin that is above your dress line. The objective is not to use a ton of foundation here, just a small amount to tap into your skin to help even out the tone as well as provide a base for your bronzer powder to adhere to later. If you have tan lines, then you can go a little heavier with the coverage to help conceal and blend them in with your skin.

Step 2: Bronzer Up!


Normally when you bronze your face, it is best to pull the bronzer down onto your neck to help blend. This is a continuation of that step. From your neck, continue bronzing your upper chest area onto the tops of your shoulders. This is going to help to start that sun-kissed glow that you may be lacking, or will help blend in any tan lines that you may have from being in the sun too long.

Step 3: Don’t forget your arms!


Flex those muscles! That’s right, this will help show off what you need to bronze up. Remember this bronzer will help create shadows and depth. So applying the bronzer on the inside of where your muscles are will give the illusion that you are more toned in these areas!

Step 4: And give the girls some attention too!


Need better cleavage? Get it immediately. Go ahead and lift your boobs up as if your hand was a really amazing push-up bra (channel your inner Janet Jackson for this, ladies!). On the upper breast, apply a bit of bronzer to create the illusion of a shadow or shelved area. Do this to both of your girls! It is the simplest way to enhance what ya got without having to wear a super padded bra.


Look at that glow!


Going backless? Have a friend help you apply to your back. You can try this on your legs too if you are wearing a short dress — just be sure to secure with a setting spray so the powder stays in place! Make sure to blend your product in well so there are no signs of your faux glow.

What are your favorite summer beauty hacks? Share in the comment section below!

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