While Taylor鈥檚 hairstyle has definitely changed over the years, her hair color has remained constant. She鈥檚 skipped right over the rainbow hair trend that鈥檚 taking over Hollywood and stayed true to her dusty blonde locks. However, it looks as though she鈥檚 temporarily ditched her classic color for her new music video, Wildest Dreams.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 6.09.25 PM

The video, which just premiered on MTV鈥檚 VMA Preshow, didn鈥檛 exactly match 鈥淏ad Blood鈥 levels of music video epicness, however it is making us think about scheduling an appointment with our hair stylist.

Taylor (who has already won a Moonman tonight for 鈥淏est Pop Music Video鈥) seems to be channeling Elizabeth Taylor in the old Hollywood inspired vid. We watch as she has a tortured on-screen love affair with Clint Eastwood鈥檚 son, Scott Eastwood. They fall in love, fight and stir up a lot of drama on set. We wouldn鈥檛 expect anything less from a T. Swift cinematic adventure.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 6.10.47 PM

While everything is visually stunning (as per usual in her videos) we can鈥檛 help but drool over the different hair color. Here鈥檚 to hoping this trial run inspires the pop star to rock the look on a more permanent basis.

What do you think of Taylor鈥檚 new look? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Taylor Swift VEVO and Jason Merritt/Getty)