Ah it seems like only yesterday we were looking at Taylor Swift and thinking 鈥渨ho is this girl singing about Tim McGraw?鈥 Now she鈥檚 all grown up and singing with JT and Phoebe from Friends and going to the VMAs with likely an entire squad. TSwift has changed a ton over the years (meanwhile our love remains unwavering) and this video shows that transformation in makeup form.

MimiChatter shared this YouTube video where one model is transformed into six of Taylor鈥檚 iconic looks over the years. It鈥檚 a makeup and hair envy trip down memory lane. Remember when she had super curly hair? Man, those were the days!

If this video gave you major inspo why not try some of Teezy鈥檚 looks on yourself? Try these cool style reboots or channel her for your Halloween costume! As a great contemporary poet once said 鈥渨hen we go crashing down we come back every time/we never go out of style/we never go out of style.鈥