Back in April, The Bachelor’s Lesley Murphy revealed that she had gone through a preventive double mastectomy after learning that she carries the BRCA 2 gene, which increases her chances of developing breast cancer. Now, she’s opened up once again about the fact that she just received breast implants and is “happy with a 100 percent chance of swollen.”

The Bachelor’s Lesley Murphy Reveals She's Gotten Breast Implants

“Exchange surgery was a success and a huge difference from the double mastectomy surgery,” Murphy shared on Instagram along with a pic of herself in recovery. She gave her followers an idea of what she’s been through, saying, “After 3 hours I woke up and drank some ginger ale, saw my mom, discussed things with my sweet nurse and was wheeled out of my favorite hospital…where I felt like we hit every bump in the road on the way home😝Ouuuuch.”

The former reality show contestant also revealed that she had no say in the size of her new breasts. In fact, she admits, “My plastic surgeon said he tried many different variations and sizes and after consulting every woman in the hospital😉he decided on 500 CC implants, which is actually smaller than my expander size [the medical devices used to stretch her skin] when you take into consideration those CCs plus the bulky expander.”

While she surely still has a way to go when it comes to healing and watching out for further health issues in the future, for now, Murphy is feeling more than a little grateful. She ended her message by adding, “Dr. Wright, thank you for… giving me my normalcy back! You are a magician and I am in awe of your talents. Thanks also to everyone @uamshealth for treating me like a queen ever since I first walked through your doors at the beginning of March. What an incredible experience this has been.💗💞#lesleysbreasties #lesnipsbrcainthebud #breastcancerawareness”

While it’s not always easy to open up about the personal struggles we go through, there’s no doubt that her fans are totally inspired by Murphy sharing her “adventure” with us.

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(h/t People; photo via Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty)