It’s been a big week of news here at Brit HQ. On Tuesday, we shared news of our new app, Snapguide, and today we’ve just announced the #IAMCREATIVE Foundation, a fund designed to enable women and girls to MAKE. Of course in the midst of major moves, we’ve still got time for the random things in life. Happy Friday!

1. Gin and Tonic Ice Cream: Created by UK ice cream dairy Jude’s, this frozen treat is a great way to drink your booze and eat it too. We’re not sure of the actual alcohol content, but the whole scene sounds pretty darn refreshing.

2. Rollin’ With the Homies Tote ($22): The opposite of way harsh.

3. Statement Bow Headband ($16): Is it just us, or is this bow kind of psychotically awesome? If someone wore this casually, we would question their sanity. But maybe that is a good thing.

4. Swimming Cap for Beards: Honestly, we can’t say it better than Mashable themselves: Do you have a beard? Are you a keen swimmer? Do you enjoy looking like a clown? If so, Virgin Trains has just the product: the beard swim cap. Or beard cap. WOW.

5. Oui Oui Print ($35): Just say yes.

6. Wes Anderson’s The Shining: This movie trailer mashup is hauntingly well done. Watch it, and prepare for goosebumps. (Related: I received an email from my mom this week asking if she can put my R.L. Stine collection up for sale on eBay or Amazon. The answer is NO because I will probably need those!)

7. Hot Dog Pizza: We’re sorry. This cannot be unseen. We’ve seen dozens of cringeworthy food combos but there’s something about this one that actually seems offensive.

8. Burrata Soft Serve: The cronut creator is back, and this time savory ice cream is happening. Concocted by Dominique Ansel, burrata soft serve is now officially on our list of must-haves next time we’re in New York.

9. Flamingos Are My Friends Kids’ Tee ($20): How cute is this?

10. The Holding Hands Couple Just Got Married: If you haven’t been following @muradosmann‘s #followmeto series on Instagram, go ahead and do that. Murad and his wife travel the world one picture at a time, always set up as a shot where Murad is holding her hand, and she is leading him somewhere awesome. Now, revel in the cuteness of his marriage announcement.

Have a great weekend!