If there’s one thing that polarizes Love Actually fans, it’s that scene. You know the one. Andrew Lincoln shows up at his best friend’s house to profess his undying love for the man’s wife using flash cards. With word of a sequel hitting the news recently, many fans have been super excited to see our faves hit the screen again. Although Emma Thompson has admitted she wouldn’t participate, many originals will, and with a new teaser trailer, we see that it looks like the film’s producers are recreating that super awkward moment from the film.

In the original movie, Mark (played by Lincoln) shows up to let Keira Knightly’s Juliet know that he loves her, and that she is perfect. While some people find this moment super romantic, many of us actually think it’s totally creepy. And Andrew Lincoln agrees. In an interview back in 2016, the actor admitted he thinks that the character of Mark is actually a stalker, but that hasn’t stopped him from recreating the famous scene for the reunion’s teaser trailer.

Looking more The Walking Dead than romantic Love Actually, Lincoln lets us know that we’ll be able to see the 10-minute short on Friday, March 24 on BBC One in the UK. The short was produced for Red Nose Day, a fundraiser that uses comedy to support various charities helping with everything from domestic violence to supporting the poorest African nations.

AMC presents "Talking Dead Live" for the premiere of "The Walking Dead"

Regardless of if you love or hate that scene, we know we’ll be tuning in to watch BBC reunite some of the most memorable characters from the original movie.

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