And by red, white and blue we mean Twizzlers, Hershey’s Cookies N’ Cream Chocolate, and Blue Pretzel M&Ms, of course. ;)

Our first foray into red, white and blue sweetness comes in the form of a super patriotic goodie bag. This more a preparation idea than a recipe, and is an easy way to give all your 4th of July guests a festive treat to take home. We think good old Uncle Sam would certainly approve.


– 1 Hershey’s Cookies N’Cream Chocolate Bar

– Twizzlers

– 1 large bag of Pretzel M&Ms


– tape

– clear plastic goodie bags

First, get your candy in order. Our favorite part about this treat is that you’re sure to have a little candy leftover for pre-party snacking!

Pour a handful of blue M&Ms into the bottom (or left side) of your bag.

Separate the chocolate bar into stripes using a knife.

You’ll probably need to cut off part of the chocolate depending on the size of your goodie bag. Same goes for the Twizzlers. Cut everything to size.

Slide it into the bag, seal with scotch tape, and you’re done!

What are your favorite patriotic treats for the 4th of July? Let us know in the comments below, or say hi on Twitter. And stay tuned for a whole slew of delicious Independence Day recipes next week!