Ah, the family vacation packing list. It’s twice as hard to prep when little ones are in the picture, isn’t it? Well, with the help of Disney, we’ve got some delightful Zootopia-themed DIYs to help you pack the perfect suitcase. Zootopia is available on Blu-ray™, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere June 7th, just in time for summer vacation. To celebrate its release, we’ve made DIY Nick and Judy backpacks, a printable Zootopia “Would You Rather?” game *and* a Zootopia-themed “Guess Who?” game! All are super easy to create and will make summer travels that much more exciting for the kiddos. And who knows, maybe they’ll help minimize the “Are we there yet?” questions along the way :)



First up are these downright adorable Judy and Nick backpacks. All you need are some solid-colored backpacks, felt and a bit of patience. Let’s get to it!


Materials + Tools:
 — backpack

— colored felt

— black pipe cleaners

— fabric scissors

— hot glue gun

— thick black marker

— pen


Psst: We bought our backpacks for super cheap, but you could also reuse an old one lying around the house.


To make Judy’s eyes, cut out large half-circles of felt in black, white and blue. Use hot glue to attach each layer, then let dry.


Use gray and pink felt for Judy’s ears. We decided to keep these floppy, but if you want them to stand upright, attach thin wire to the back and cover with another piece of gray felt.


For Judy’s nose, cut out a small thin piece of pink felt. Twist three black pipe cleaners (aka whiskers!) together in the center, then hot glue the nose over the twist. Let dry.


This is ALREADY adorable.


Hot glue each piece to the backpack, and let dry.


Voila! Hey Officer Judy Hopps, lookin’ good.


To make Nick’s backpack, repeat the steps above with orange, white, green and black felt. Be sure to draw his mouth with a thick black pen.


Check out those eyebrows! Way to deliver the sass, Mr. Wilde.


Hot glue Nick’s features to an orange backpack, then let dry.


Easy peasy.


What better way to keep the kiddos ocupado during the long car or plane ride than with a “Would You Rather” game? We created this awesome printable with fun Zootopia-themed questions. We were sure to include a few fill-in-the-blanks for your creative and curious kid to customize, too :)


Materials + Tools:
 — “Would You Rather” printable (download here!)

— cardstock

— scissors

— hole puncher

— metal key ring


Download these printables here!


Print the cards double sided, then cut each out. Add a hole punch in the top left corner of each card, then string onto a metal key ring.


Be sure to stow these in your carry-on bag for the long plane ride.


Remember that epic game “Guess Who?” It turns out that it’s super simple to DIY! We made our own Zootopia version, complete with our favorite characters and Zootopia cityscapes. Scroll on to see how we did it.


Materials + Tools:

— 3 sheets of balsa wood

— printables of Zootopia cityscapes, character tiles and “The Big Donut” sign (download here!)

— canvas pouch

— fabric transfer paper

— glue gun

— scissors

— straightedge

— utility knife

— cutting mat

— Mod Podge

— paint brush

— pen

— tape


Download printables of Zootopia cityscapes, character tiles and “The Big Donut” sign here!


Use Mod Podge to glue the Zootopia cityscape to one piece of balsa wood, and the Rodentia cityscape on the other piece of wood. Leave extra room below the photo — you’ll see why soon :) Cover the entire top of the photo and wood with another layer of Mod Podge, and let dry.


Download and print out your tile templates, then cut them along the black lines. Glue two sets of each character onto the thin piece of balsa wood, leaving extra room between each tile. Let dry. Your last and third set will be loose in the travel “donut” bag, for each player to pick their key character for Guess Who.


Cut the balsa wood to make the tile. Use hot glue to affix the cityscape card to the front, then let dry.


Place the tiles on the board in random order face down. There are a total of 10 characters, so we lined up two rows of five tiles. Dab a dot of hot glue on the base of the board and lay a piece of tape over both the board and tile. Repeat on the other side of the tile. This will give it extra adhesive strength and allows the tile to flip up and down.


While that is drying, make a cut slightly larger than the size of the card for your playing card to rest in.


Onto the tile bag! Download and print “The Big Donut” printable onto fabric transfer paper, then cut out the donut. Iron this onto your canvas bag according to the fabric transfer paper instructions.


Voila! An adorable tile bag for each playing card.


You’re done!


Don’t forget to grab a copy of Zootopia on Blu-ray™, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere June 7th. Happy (or should we say “hoppy”) travels!

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This post is a collaboration with Disney.

Author: Maddie Bachelder
 DIY Production + Styling: Anita Yung + Irene Lee
 Photography: Chris Andre