ICYMI, today is Earth Day: The one day of the year that we all come together to celebrate the big blue planet we share and to reassess our relationship with Mother Earth. Whether you’re a movie buff (check out these 10 informative documentaries), a shopaholic (yes, you can help the Earth by swiping your plastic instead of discarding it), or a crafter, there’s a way to work “eco-friendly” into your lifestyle: Just ask the stars that are doing the same in our roundup below. Check ‘em out!

1. Halle Berry: Berry got deep, writing, “I wish people cared about the Earth as much as they do about who they think created it!” #EarthDay”

2. Orlando Bloom: Bloom (now rumored to be casually dating Nina Dobrev), took time out to give back, posting a shot of himself in a Unicef tee with a group of school-aged children. “There’s more than one way to celebrate #EarthDay,” he wrote. “What are you doing?”

3. Gisele Bündchen: Looking flawless in a bikini on a deserted beach, the supermodel took in her equally gorgeous surroundings, saying, “Happy Earth Day! God bless our beautiful Mother Earth.”

4. Julianne Hough: The Dancing With the Stars judge proved you’re never too busy to be a friend to nature, posting a shot of herself hiking with some adorable pooches. “Just because I’m on the road doesn’t mean I don’t have time to celebrate #EarthDay,” she wrote. She also gave fans some tips for doing their part over on her blog. “I came up with some easy ways you can make your carbon footprint a little smaller. Even if you can only do a little bit, when we all pitch in, it adds up!” So true!

5. Drew Barrymore: OG boho babe Drew Barrymore celebrated not only Earth Day, but daughter Frankie (a boho babe-in-training)’s birthday as well. “Happy birthday to Frankie the little fairy. Earth Day girl. I love you and your sister bigger than the universe. And bigger than time and space. You are the meaning of my life. And yet I look at you here, and it is a simple pleasures moment. From day to night and every moment in between, you are both my favorite part of life. I am such a proud mom.”

6. Busy Philipps: Philipps owned up to her own shortcomings and vowed to do better, saying, “Happy Earth Day. Let’s do better. I’ve fallen off the wagon recently with plastic water bottles but I’m gonna commit to reusable or glass bottles again. BECAUSE SCIENCE IS REAL.”

7. Salma Hayek: The Mexican actress wrote a wise quote in her native tongue: “Loving nature is honoring the divine within.”

8. Jamie Lee Curtis: The OG scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, also went for a hike, penning a promise to the planet on her Instagram, to boot. “Mother. We love you. We need you. We want to take care of you. We will fight for your right to exist. We will not rape and pillage you. We will honor you. We need you to exist. We stand with science. We won’t let you down. You are our Mother. We thank you for our lives.” Here’s hoping hers is an oath we can collectively keep.

9. Hilary Swank: The Oscar-winner gave us all a gentle reminder to “love [our] Mother — today and every day.”

10. Troian Bellisario: Bellisario took the fight for our planet to the battlegrounds, attending one of today’s Marches for Science in NYC. “Love your Mother,” she said.

10. Taylor Schilling: The OITNB star took a cue from Bellisario, who has teamed up with Burt’s Bees to help #BringBacktheBees, and did the same, saying, “Here’s a little something we can do for a big impact: a #SelflessSelfie. For each unique selfie created, @BurtsBeesUS will plant 5,000 wildflower seeds to feed the bees and help bring them back.”

11. Shailene Woodley: Woodley, who recently offered up some killer lazy-girl tips for saving the planet, took some time out to enjoy Mother Nature’s plentiful bounties while surfing, saying, “Welcoming in Earth Day like “Ain’t every day about this beautiful mama?”

12. Michelle Rodriguez:The Fast & Furious star gave us a warning we hope folks will heed, saying, “Happy Earth Day…Stay vigilant, she needs us now more than ever, humans have killed off most of the species that speaks her language and nurtures her. Love her, she’s better than anything man can make from her, and a million times more beautiful, rich, giving than plain old dead mars. Celebrate her.”

13. Jena Malone: Laying in a field of flowers, new mommy Malone wrote, “We will look back in shame as our great-grandchildren try to fathom how we could consume so much with so little thought as to what we were leaving behind?”

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(Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)