It was just last month that Bachelor in Paradise on-again/off-again couple Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton were spotted kissing, sparking speculation that the pair was managing to work out their issues despite a supposed breakup. But now, new deets reveal that things have gotten REALLY nasty between the duo.

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton

Josh Murray鈥檚 personal assistant Hayley Watts filled E! in on the deets of the split, which she鈥檚 apparently been right in the middle of. She says the bad blood started boiling again just a few weeks ago, with Watts saying, 鈥淥n March 13, Josh had an appearance in Los Angeles for the [Bachelor] finale of Nick鈥檚 season.鈥 That was something we already knew, but what we weren鈥檛 aware of was that there was more drama sizzling behind the scenes. 鈥淛osh and Amanda got into a big argument that night, and she ended up taking his things from their shared apartment and putting them out in the hallway. I had to go retrieve them for Josh.鈥

But that鈥檚 not where the sticky sitch ended. Murray鈥檚 assistant continued, revealing that a week later she was asked by her employer to contact Stanton about getting his car back. 鈥淛osh purchased the vehicle. It鈥檚 all in his name, but he let her use it when they were together and had plans to be a family,鈥 Watts explained. 鈥淚 told Amanda she had two options: She would have to get a lender for the remaining balance of the vehicle [if she wanted] to keep it, or she could give it back.鈥

Stanton apparently wasn鈥檛 totally cooperative, with Watts saying that the former reality TV contestant said 鈥渢he only way she鈥檇 give it back is if she was ordered by a judge.鈥 When the police were called to help sort things out, 鈥淲e got the keys back and removed all her personal items from the car.鈥

And that鈥檚 when Stanton reportedly turned her anger on Watts, who said, 鈥淚n front of her daughter, Amanda proceeded to call me 鈥楩atty鈥 a number of times. Repeatedly. She was body-shaming me in front of her daughter. It was really hurtful. She knows I have struggled with my weight.鈥 So not cool!

Stanton topped things off by accusing Watts of stealing a pair of sunglasses and an iPad. When the police were again called, Stanton retracted her claim.

But when E! asked Stanton about the accusations, her response was fierce, saying, 鈥淚t鈥檚 all a lie! It鈥檚 just really frustrating. He doesn鈥檛 even have a personal assistant. I don鈥檛 know why [she鈥檚 calling herself that]. She鈥檚 contacted all these people and I don鈥檛 know why because he鈥檚 in Italy, I鈥檓 in Fiji. We haven鈥檛 even talked. I don鈥檛 know why I woke up to all this. I thought things were fine.鈥

However, according to Watts, Murray feels like things are less than 鈥渇ine,鈥 in fact he鈥檚 鈥渢ired of this kind of drama. Right now, they鈥檙e done.鈥

Whatever is going on, it seems like Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton may want to deal with things directly from now on and keep the drama between themselves.

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(h/t E!; photo via Phillip Faraone/Getty)