While we were less than thrilled with Starbuck’s new Halloween-themed frappula frappuccino drink, there’s good news for those still dying for a drinkably ghoulish treat (see what we did there?) as it’s apparently not the mega-coffee chain’s only option.

Though you won’t find it on the store’s regular menu, and you may need to give the baristas the recipe in order to get it, Cosmopolitan discovered that an order of a green tea frappucino with white mocha flavor, peppermint and java chips will yield you your very own Halloween concoction: the Frankenfrapp!

With plenty of Instagram fans already, the green-hued mixture looks even creepier than the vampire-esque Frappula, and apparently, it tastes even better.

“Forget PSL — This is my fall drink of choice!” wrote @dragonbunniani.

Topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, we’re thinking we just may need to give the chain another go at Halloween goodness, and stat.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photo via @dragonbunniani)