If there’s one day a year that you can guarantee your drinks will be stout, gaudy, and over the top, it’s October 31. Halloween cocktails run the gamut from chic spider web martinis to seriously gross-looking (but tasty) fake-blood-infused tonics. When you’re not entertaining yourself with baking, play mixologist and try out one of these ghoulish cocktails. Put on a classic horror film and scroll your way through 60 of the goriest, spookiest, and most delicious cocktail recipes we could round up. Happy Boo-zing!


1. Sleepy Hollow Cocktail: Ichabod Crane would be proud of this mysterious drink. Carefully light a sprig of rosemary on fire at the end for a fragrant and impressive spooky garnish. (via The Jewels of New York)


2. Blood and Guts: Reminisce about your high school horror stories while watching Carrie and sipping on this tasty (and slightly gory) drink. Make it a game by drinking every time Carrie uses her telekinesis. (via Sugar and Soul)


3. Black Widow Cocktail: The creepy ’80s movie that this drink is named after gave us nightmares of a dark figure lurking in the shadows. Get ready to see the sweeter side of the gold-digging lady with this sweet blackberry juice and vodka cocktail. (via DIY Network)


4. Caramel Apple Sangria: We might rethink bobbing for apples if they’re floating in this fall-inspired sangria. Say hello to the signature cocktail of your girls-only Halloween bash. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

infected brain halloween cocktail

5. Infected Brain Cocktail: If you’re into the blood and gore of TheWalking Dead or 28 Days Later, this bright concoction may be the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse. Thanks to tonic water, this whole drink glows in the dark, making it perfect for when the lights go out. (via Boulder Locavore)


6. Autumn Spiced Rum Cider Cocktail: This cocktail may be iced, but it will warm you from the inside out. With spices like cinnamon and star anise, there’s no denying that this drink belongs in the fall. (via Honey and Birch)

red queen halloween cocktails

7. The Red Queen:Alice in Wonderland will forever be an inspiration for the most outrageous of Halloween costumes. This cocktail is named after the antagonist of the series, and both pack a major punch. (via Supergolden Bakes)


8. Hocus Pocus Fizz Recipe: This crazy-colored drink is just the thing to complement the immortal cat, evil witches, and teenage drama of Hocus Pocus. Enjoy it non-alcoholic or add a dash of your favorite spirit to get on Sanderson-sister level. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)


9. The Blackbeard: The secret to making this drink black as night is the tiniest amount of squid ink. Don’t be too scared. All you can taste is the spiced rum, Crème de Cacao, and chocolate stout. (via Honestly Yum)

Halloween Cocktail Image courtesy of Alanna Taylor Tobin | The Bojon Gourmet

10. Zinfandel Grape Rosemary Gin Crush: When you watch Rosemary’s Baby, it’s easy to become paranoid about literally everything. Fortunately, the only thing you won’t be suspicious of is this mouthwatering cocktail with just a hint of fresh rosemary. (via Bojon Gourmet)


11. Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita: We know that burning sage takes care of unwanted spirits, but it makes for one heck of a cocktail. Get your Ouija board out and have a boozy séance with your closest friends and this drink… if you dare. (via The Wicked Spatula)


12. Apple Cide-Car: This spin on the classic Sidecar cocktail is like the grown up and tastier version of bobbing for apples. You can even serve hot or cold, depending on your preference. (via Brit+Co)


13. Candy Corn Jello Shots: If this doesn’t make your mouth water, we don’t know what will. This spooky take on a college favorite is right up our alley. (via A Beautiful Mess)


14. The Grave Digger: If you were the groundskeeper at a cemetery, you would most likely be a whiskey drinker. This creepy cocktail mixes bourbon, hard cider, and ginger ale for a drink that will make even the scariest of demons disappear. (via Boulder Locavore)


15. Get Lucky Cocktail: You’re going to be obsessed with this blackberry, ginger, and honey combination. The flavors are great all year long, but the darkness of this drink screams Halloween. (via Harper’s Bazaar)


16. The Haunted Highball: Vanilla vodka, white Crème de Cacao, and half-and-half make this cocktail extra creamy and white. Pro tip: Use a dry-erase marker to draw a ghost face on your highball glass without ruining it. (via Shari’s Berries)


17. Poison Berry Smash Cocktail: Ditch the keg and keep it classic for your Halloween drink menu with this creepy in-season cocktail. Use blackberries for your friends and poison berries for enemies. (via Camille Styles)


18. The Quick Demise: You wouldn’t think that a drink with such a poisonous name would be good for you. With ingredients like carrot, lime, and orange juices, this cocktail is more likely to extend your life rather than end it. (via Best Friends for Frosting)


19. Mrs. Bates Cocktail: Struggling to come up with a name for your signature sip? Go with a name from a classic horror film. This whiskey cocktail is a great go-to for some grown-up sipping — Mr. Hitchcock would be proud. (via Designlovefest)


20. The Weeping Woman Cocktail: Dry ice is responsible for the creepy fog-like smoke that billows from this cocktail. If you listen closely, you *may* be able to hear a woman weeping while you’re sipping. (via Muy Bueno)


21. Poison Apple Cocktail: It’s not a party in autumn without an apple-flavored treat or two. This tart cocktail is definitely a tasty way to highlight the season’s most plentiful fruit. Just be careful not to pick a poisoned apple. (via The Tomkat Studio)


22. Raven’s Wing: We’re totally down for seasonal sips and snacks, but we also love a good literary-inspired libation. Spray a sprig of mint with black food coloring to make a raven’s wing garnish. (via Kelli Hall)


23. Magic Cotton Candy Martini: Impress your friends with an alcoholic magic trick by playing magician mixologist at your party. Pour shaken grape juice and vanilla vodka over cotton candy and watch it dissolve into a delicious syrup to sweeten your drink. (via The Cookie Rookie)


24. Black & Orange Rum Punch: It’s a Halloween party, so there has to be some orange and black on the menu. This delicious rum punch is a welcome and delicious change from all of those pumpkin drinks out there. (via Brit + Co)


25. Witch’s Brew: You certainly wouldn’t catch any self-respecting witch with a beer. She would most definitely be drinking a fabulous purple cocktail, complete with a glitter spider garnish. (via Pizzazzerie)


26. Witches Brew Punch: A wickedly good punch is usually the culprit behind every memorable holiday party, and Halloween is no different. This drink has a tropical feel with rum, pineapple, and cranberry juice. (via HGTV)

raven cocktail

27. The Raven Cocktail: Tart pomegranate and smokey rye create a perfect balance to this poetic cocktail. Use a black feather as an ultra chic drink stirrer and a sugar-coated maraschino cherry for garnish. (via The Jewels of New York)


28. Blood Red Sun of Fantastic LA Cocktail: How’s that for a name? This gorgeous drink calls for just a dash of absinthe and does, in fact, look like a beautiful California Sunset. (via Designlovefest)

29. Red Velvet Devil: Although it contains just three ingredients (vodka, cranberry juice, and club soda), this blood-hued brew is anything but basic. Make as individual drinks or in a punch bowl with dry ice for an extra wow-factor. (via Cosmopolitan)

rum punch

30. Blood Orange Blackberry Rum Punch: Do yourself a favor and go with several punches in decorative canisters instead of worrying about mixing everyone a drink. This fruity rum punch will be a hit and you’ll have more time for enjoying your party. (via Heather Christo)


31. Apple Bourbon and Pumpkin Sangria: Whether you’re hosting a crowd or just a couple of close friends, you should whip up this devilishly delicious sangria. It’s a total crowd-pleaser and full of fall’s most famous flavors. (via Kiran Tarun)


32. Halloween Pumpkin Punch: This punch is so perfectly spiced you’ll keep making it long after Halloween comes and goes. Serve in a hollowed-out pumpkin for an extra festive display. (via Honestly Yum)


33. Black Licorice Delight: This bone-chilling brew has a totally unique taste thanks to licorice liquor and blackcurrant cordial. Make sure you give your guests a heads up about what’s in it, or they might get quite a fright. (via Camille Styles)


34. Candy Corn-Infused Vodka: Didn’t think the all-time best Halloween candy could get any better? This infused vodka will make you think again. (via Kitchen Treaty)


35. Black Widow Cocktail: This spooky sip will have all of your party guests whispering. Be a domestic goddess and DIY your own scary labels for your homemade simple syrup and blackberry juice. (via Evermine)


36. Dracula’s Kiss: Aw, come on. How could something that sounds (and looks) so inviting be so deadly? Still… drink at your own risk. (via Ebony)


37. Mr. Hyde Potion: Herbs like lavender and tarragon take center stage in this beverage, named in honor of Dr. Jekyll’s more sinister half. If you’re not careful, this libation will put you to sleep. (via HGTV)


38. Bloody Shirley Temple: This bloody brew is sure to get some hearts racing. The grenadine-filled syringes can be mixed and matched into any clear cocktail of your choosing and reused throughout the night. (via Your Southern Peach)


39. Swamp Swill Martini: If you like your martinis dirty, then you’ll love these. To make the (adorable and creepy) Palmetto Bug garnish, use a toothpick to thread two chives through a black olive for antennas and spray with black food coloring. (via Minted)

vampire punch

40. Vampire Punch: Vampires’ taste buds are in for a twitch of tang thanks to the lime sherbet in this recipe. Bloody your serving glasses by dipping them in corn syrup mixed with red food coloring. (via Cookin’ Canuck)


41. Cranberry Is the New Black Cocktail: Did you know that black vodka exists? Well, it does, and it’s the perfect spooky alcohol to go with this sparkling cranberry drink. (via Brit + Co)


42. Black Magic Martini: Vodka and Patron? Devilish and delicious. (via Las Vegas Weekly)

vampire kiss

43. Vampire Kiss: You’ll have an insatiable thirst for this cocktail, much like Dracula did for blood. Surprisingly, it’s full of tropical flavors of mango vodka, coconut rum, and grenadine. (via DIY)


44. Black Magic: Have a bottle of Blue Curaçao lying around from the Fourth of July, 2009? Bust it out and mix up this frightening concoction along with skull and crossbones ice. (via Celebrations at Home)


45. Creepy Bubble Cocktails: These super creepy bubbles look like the unhatched eggs of an unappealing insect. Thankfully, it’s nothing more than standard tapioca you would find in your bubble tea. Cheers! (via Dabbled)


46. Blood Bones: This campy cocktail is something your guests will be talking about all night. Prep your Jello bones ahead of time and there’s no need for any other garnish. (via Brit + Co)


47. Vampire Cocktail: This drink may look gory, but it’s incredibly tasty. The plastic syringes are filled with raspberry puree, and the cocktail itself consists of Amaretto, vodka, and OJ. Yum! (via Self Proclaimed Foodie)


48. Midnight Mary #3: This savory cocktail combines heirloom tomatoes and basil with a dose of aquavit magic. Your party-goers will be amazed at how much they love this unique drink. (via Esquire)


49. Shrunken Heads in Cider: More of a party trick than a cocktail recipe, this is a great garnish for mulled cider, sangria, or even Champagne. Bonus points if you can carve the apples into the likeness of your squad. (via Martha Stewart)

spider web

50. White Widow: Sure, a black widow sounds scarier, but this white widow will knock you out with one swing (or swig). Garnish the top with a black gel icing web that will catch all of your prey. (via Best Friends for Frosting)

51. The Witch’s Heart: The super-cool look of this cocktail can be credited to dry ice. Don’t let that scare you though — adding the wow-factor is totally optional. (via The Flavor Blender)

52. The Eel Charmer: What is that in the drink?? Well, it’s a dyed orange peel, but you will definitely freak out your ophidiophobic friends with this chillingly creative concoction. (via Julep)

53. Hallowine Sangria: Here’s another sweet sangria to add to your spook-tactular holiday list. It’s made with Cabernet Sauvignon, sugar, orange juice, orange liquor, and club soda. (via The Seasoned Mom)

54. Embalming Fluid: Yep, we went there. This morbidly inspired cocktail is a lot more sweet than it sounds, featuring sour apple mix, ginger ale, and lime juice, among other things. (via Noshing With the Nolands)

55. Poison Frog: As if the cool and Halloween-y green color weren’t enough, this delicious drink also features a blood-red rimmed glass. (via Souffle Bombay)

56. Black Widow Venom: Got a spider phobia going on? This black widow venom is SUPER spooky. We absolutely love the vial-as-a-shotglass idea. (via The Shabby Creek Cottage)

57. Bloody Vampire: Here’s another scary drink that makes good use of dry ice. Be sure to serve it in a nice big goblet — it’s made with vodka, cranberry juice, and ginger ale, so it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. (via Simply Darrling)

58. Vampire Hot Chocolate: If your Halloween festivities are taking you outside into the cool fall air, sip on this Vampire Hot Chocolate to keep you warm. Or just sip on it because it’s delicious. (via Big Bear’s Wife)

59. Zombie Cocktail: If you’re a Walking Dead fan, this show-inspired cocktail will be totally up your alley. That blood that makes the drink look totally zombie-like? It’s made from food coloring and simple syrup. (via Generations of Savings)

60. The Black Heart: If you’re the kind of holiday decorator/party-thrower who prefers to keep things elegant, this cocktail is for you. (via Julep)

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Additional reporting by Maggie McCracken.