Mother-daughter relationships can be complicated, and that鈥檚 especially true on This Is Us. While all the Pearson kids have issues with their parents, Kate鈥檚 relationship with Rebecca may be the most fraught. And as this episode shows, their problems may have deeper roots than even they realize.

Rebecca鈥檚 mother, Janet, returns to the Pearson home this week, arriving at the worst possible time, while Kevin and Kate have chicken pox and in the middle of a snowstorm. And from the moment she gets to the house, she makes her presence known, first by criticizing Jack about keeping the house safe during the winter and then by chastising him and Rebecca about Randall鈥檚 clothing choices. Rebecca vents to Jack about all the ways her mother drives her crazy, and, wouldn鈥檛 you know 鈥 they鈥檙e almost exactly the same things Kate complained about when she was talking to Toby before her mother鈥檚 visit.

But at least Rebecca knows how to, well, be a mother. Janet obsesses over Kevin鈥檚 looks and Kate鈥檚 size, and treats Randall as an outsider. In fact, she treats all of her grandchildren superficially, focusing on things that are important to her, and seemingly takes special care to keep Randall on the outskirts of everything. Rebecca handles it as well as she can, until Jack gets sick too, and then all hell breaks loose. Rebecca confronts her mother about Randall, since that鈥檚 where Janet seems to have the most hang-ups, and accuses her of being racist. The argument devolves and, of course, Randall overhears. He鈥檚 confused, and Rebecca later has to try to explain to the sweetest son in the world what racism is.

Janet ends up apologizing to Rebecca and trying to explain her feelings about Randall. It鈥檚 not because he鈥檚 black or adopted, she says 鈥 it鈥檚 just hard for her. It鈥檚 not the truth, and we know it, but at least she makes an effort to help Randall with his science project.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Kevin鈥檚 knee injury has gotten worse. A visit to the doctor reveals he needs surgery, and as he starts to undergo the operation, he has visions of his father. While recovering at Kate and Toby鈥檚, he opts to stay off the pain pills and confides in Toby that he can鈥檛 let his knee ruin his life again (it ruined his football dreams when he was a kid, apparently). But when he watches old videos of Jack cheering him on and supporting him, it鈥檚 enough to drive him back to the pills after all鈥 and yeah, this 鈥渕ore like Jack than you thought鈥 thing is not going anywhere good.

In Randall and Beth鈥檚 world, they鈥檙e still trying to acclimate to their new foster daughter, Deja. Randall tries to do her hair and ask her about her dreams, but Deja is still pretty closed off. His attempts to create a safe space for her are clearly not working. Beth wants to have a talk about how they can remedy the situation, but Randall is convinced he needs to do this HIS way, so he decides to take the kids bowling. From the moment they arrive, though, everything goes downhill. Deja refuses to take off her shoes or even bowl in her socks, and then a girl insults her hair 鈥 which results in Randall getting physical to make sure Deja doesn鈥檛 get hurt. Randall doesn鈥檛 seem to get how fragile this girl is, and how cautious he needs to be about throwing her out into the world. But it鈥檚 interesting to see Randall getting a challenge that he can鈥檛 handle, for once.

Beth seems to have better luck with Deja 鈥 she talks to her and gets her to open up. Deja lets her braid her hair and even opens up about some of her health issues. Beth tells Randall, and Randall attempts to connect with her over that, since he has anxiety issues, but Deja is upset that Beth betrayed her trust and told Randall things she hadn鈥檛 wanted people to know. She chops off her hair, and we鈥檙e back to square one all over again.

As for Kate? She鈥檚 getting ready for her first major paying gig as a singer and obsessing over her weight. She wants to fit into the perfect dress and is seemingly on edge all the time. We don鈥檛 find out why until the end of the episode: Kate is six weeks pregnant. And we did NOT see that one coming.

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(Photos via Ron Batzdorff/NBC)