Sometimes, creative living is as simple as choosing fun, colorful, and functional home accessories. Remeber: just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t look great! Here,12 suggestions for fun and functional clocks that'll add some color and style to your home.

1. CB2 Cuckoo Clock ($100):

The cuckoo clock has gone modern! This clock is perfect for perching on a shelf and features a darling bird who announces each hour with a chirp.

2. Piano Clock ($70): These three-foot-tall wall clocks come in black and white, and resemble piano keys. Its super-modern lines and high-gloss finish makes it a classy addition to your home.

3. Record Album Clock ($16): This mini-record clock made to resemble a classic 45 is perfect for a small space, like above your desk or on a small kitchen wall.

4. Customizable Record Album Clock ($60): A perfect gift for a music-lover, or just a way to show off your favorite vintage vinyl, purchase this customizable clock and you’ll receive a sleeve to mail your chosen record straight to the artist. After three to four weeks, you’ll receive your personalized clock.

5. Kit-Cat Wall Clock ($50): A complete classic, this wall clock adds style to any room with its swinging tail and moving eyes.

6. Infinity Wall Clock ($35): This clock represents just 1/4 of a traditional clock, so here’s your chance to add a DIY twist: hang it on the wall and paint, draw, or just tack up the rest of the numbers in a circle, creating the full clock.

7. Gel Window Clock ($30): This one’s marketed to kids, but we love it for its colorful numbers and playful aesthetic. Numbers and the clock’s hands stick to any clean, dry, smooth, temperate surface, so get creative. Bonus: it’s easy to move around any time a different wall needs a pop of color.

8. Ultra-Flat Multicolor Wall Clock ($45): This sleek wall clock features 12 different bright colors — one for each hour.

9. Walter Wayle II Wall Clock ($78): This recent reintroduction is made from two wing-like hands that turn to display the time. It’s a clock, so it’s functional, and it’s designed by the renowned Phillippe Starck, so its design is clearly classic.

10. Asterisk Clock ($300): The Asterisk Clock is just over a foot in diameter and features an exaggerated minute hand for fast, easy, and efficient time-telling. It’s made from metal with quartz clockwork.

11. Fan Wall Clock ($69): I can’t stop thinking of how perfect this would look hanging in a kitchen — maybe because the colors remind me of a cheeseburger (mmm… cheeseburgers)? The clock is made from six metal plates with bright white hands and also features the all-important second hand.

12. Qloktwo ($1,100): A splurge for sure, but we’ve never seen anything like it! The Qloktwo displays the time as a series of words. Think: “half past twelve,” or, “ten to eight.” Mounted on a wall in any of its bright colors, it’s clearly a conversation piece — and a useful one at that. For a slightly lesser splurge, check out the Qloktwo Touch, an alarm clock-sized model for $599.

Which is your favorite?