The world of dating apps is so constantly in flux that if you blink, you could quite easily miss a major development. New platforms are introduced all the time, and existing platforms are regularly innovating (have you seen this video feature on Coffee Meets Bagel?) to ensure that singles everywhere have the best love-seeking resources at their fingertips. If you’re in the market for love, technology really does seem to be on your side, because it’s being put to work to help you in your quest for a lasting relationship.

Tinder’s latest development, in particular, sounds impressively high-tech, not to mention really fun. Earlier this month, the app that brought you “swipe left” began the rollout of a new feature that uses innovative artificial intelligence technology — intelligence rooted in machines or engineering, rather than humans — to help users find their ultimate match. This AI-powered Tinder experience is called Super Likeable, and it surprises singles with a pop-up, in-app card that offers four potential matches targeted specifically to them. Each Super Likeable card allows the user one free Super Like. Swipe up on the match that you find most intriguing to use said Super Like.

“When we launched Super Like to give Tinder users a way to express explicit interest in someone, we learned that it resulted in three times more successes in creating a match,” says Rosette Pambakian, Tinder’s VP and head of marketing and communications. “With our new feature Super Likable, we’ve enlisted the help of exciting new technology developed by our incredible engineering team to figure out what you’re looking for in order to surface people that we think you’ll want to Super Like.”

Since swiping up (on a Super Like) seems so much more effective for love-seeking singles than even swiping right — according to Pambakian, you’re three times more likely to lock down a match when you send a Super Like — early feedback on Super Likable has been positive, especially from women.

Currently, the feature is available only in New York and Los Angeles for testing. Assuming the warm reception continues, Tinder users everywhere might soon find themselves surprised with a Super Likable card. And since you can’t search for Super Likable within the app, it’s basically the magical unicorn of Tinder — you land on it only if you’re lucky.

“Our team is constantly looking into new technologies and working to improve the in-app experience at Tinder,” Pambakian says. “AI is an exciting and growing area of interest for us, and we hope that it will help our users form even better connections on Tinder.”

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(Image via Tinder; feature photo via Getty)