One of the standout characteristics of Netflix鈥檚 smash hit rom-com To All the Boys of Loved Before is the palpable chemistry between leads Lana Condor (Lara Jean Covey) and Noah Centineo (Peter Kavinsky). But let鈥檚 not forget the chemistry Condor has with her on-screen sisters, Anna Cathcart (Kitty) and Janel Parrish (Margot). The Covey family love is real, and the way it has continued off-screen is the stuff of sisterhood dreams.

Covey sisters in To All the Boys I've Loved Before

鈥淭he first day we filmed, me and Lana and Janel were acting like we had already known each other for years,鈥 Cathcart, who plays the whip-smart youngest Covey sister, told Vulture. 鈥淲e were so close and so comfortable with each other and always making each other giggle. It was great. We became like real-life sisters and would always hang out on and off set. We still keep in contact. We have our Covey sister group chat, and we are always texting. I love them so much.鈥

Cathcart divulged that she and her on-screen sisters talk about everything in their chat, and given the film鈥檚 current status as a pop-culture phenomenon, they find it especially fun to freak out over seeing celebrities talk about it on social media.

鈥淵esterday Millie Bobby Brown posted about it on her story and I, like, screamed,鈥 she told Vulture. 鈥淚 was freaking out because I love Millie Bobby. Hailey Baldwin as well 鈥 she posted it on her story, and me and Lana were texting back for half an hour being like, 鈥榃hat?'鈥

Anna Cathcart as Kitty Covey in To All the Boys Ive Loved Before

Condor recently admitted to Brit + Co that her favorite thing about To All the Boys I鈥檝e Loved Before 鈥 which is based on the best-selling book by Jenny Han 鈥 is her character鈥檚 relationship with her sisters. 鈥淚 love that wholesome family dynamic that they have, even though it鈥檚 kind of an unconventional one,鈥 she said. 鈥淚 think it鈥檚 really refreshing to see families that get along.鈥

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(photos courtesy of Netflix)