If you’ve been following along on B+C, you’ve probably noticed we’ve been deep in DIY mode making Halloween costumes since — we’ll admit — JULY! We have a serious thing for all things Halloween but costumes are our jam.

That’s why this morning I headed back to the TODAY Show to show you two couples costumes you can easily make for you and your boo (or your bestie!). We’ve got a Double-Stuffed OREO for those of you who like the matching look and a Tom Hanks + Wilson throwback costume for any Cast Away fans out there. Check out the segment on TODAY.com and then read on for our tips and tricks.


Double-Stuffed OREO: This costume is a breeze to make and requires only two materials: cardboard and felt. We used the top of a coffee table to trace a large circle onto cardboard and then used a hot glue gun to attach black felt to both sides. Cut rectangles, circles, triangles and the letters for OREO out of gray felt to create the classic OREO pattern.


Finish off this costume by wearing all white. We suggest taking it one step further with white wigs and frosty makeup.


Tom Hanks + Wilson: For a slightly more advanced DIY option, we created a couples Cast Away costume — Tom Hanks as Chuck and his BFF volleyball, Wilson. For Chuck’s look, get a caveman wig and a long fake beard. Pair with ripped up shorts, sandals and a FedEx box. Step it up with brown face paint for that disheveled I’ve-been-stranded-on-an-island-for-DAYS look.


Wilson’s costume takes a little more work but is 100% worth it. You know that yoga ball that hangs around the house? Well, you are going to take a trip back to elementary school and cover it with papier mâché. First, cover the ball with plastic wrap, then wrap it in newspaper dipped in a mixture of water and glue. Once it’s dry, use a box cutter to gently cut a seam down the back and a hole at the top and bottom so that you can remove your “volleyball” from the yoga ball. Spray paint white and use red paint to create Wilson’s face. Use fishing line to hold the ball on your shoulders and pair with a white dress underneath. Top off the costume with a high teased pony and driftwood in your hair.

What will you be for Halloween this year? We want to see! Show us photos of your costume by tagging us on Instagram + using the hashtag #iamcreative!