The world watched the election results with disbelief last night. The polls were wrong. Trump is now officially America’s 45th president. The next four years are a daunting thought for many. But what actually happens now? Here’s a brief explainer on what is scheduled to take place between now and Trump’s first offical day as president.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City

A few key events have already taken place: Trump accepted his win with a speech in New York City, and this morning, Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech. Shortly after, Obama addressed the nation as the current president urging the country to help facilitate a peaceful transition of power.

A key factor helping in that regard: the Transition Coordinating Council. This council is comprised of people currently in Obama’s administration who will help and support this stark transition of power. It is their job to provide guidance to executive departments, agencies and the Federal Transition Coordinator regarding succession planning and preparation of briefing materials. They will also work with the new president-elect and his team to “prepare and host interagency emergency preparedness and response exercises.”

President Obama Makes At Statement At White House After Presidential Election

Obama’s remaining 70+ days will be spent tying up loose ends and preparing for what comes next. He is expected to continue working toward shutting down Guantanamo Bay and convincing Congress to approve Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.

Trump will spend his remaining days as president-elect finalizing his agenda for his first 100 days of presidency. The new administration will have about 4,000 positions to fill, so Trump will be working hard to help hire a new White House team. Some of these hires need to be approved by the Senate. Then, on January 20 at noon, Trump, Pence and his proposed new cabinet members will be sworn in on the steps of Captiol Hill.

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(Photos via Alex Wong/Getty, h/t Pix11)