When we saw this trend from NYFW we immediately said, “YES WE NEED THESE IN OUR LIVES!” You can go to H&M and buy a pair, or you can DIY with your own amazing phrases. Of course, we chose our favorite Beyoncé mantra of ***Flawless. This will bring us one step closer to actually being Beyoncé, right?! We thought so.



tight stencils

– tights

– acrylic or fabric paint

– cardstock


– scissors

– tape

– paint brush


1. Cut out a long wide oval from your cardstock. It should measure about 11 x 5 inches. Tape your desired phrase onto the center of the oval.

2. Slide the cardstock into the tights. Leave about 4 inches for the heel.

3. Let the cardstock curve under and trace the letters with paint.

4. Once the paint is damp to the touch, peel the tights away from the cardboard by letting it curve in the other direction. Add a second layer of paint on top of the first layer.

5. Let dry and then wear!


Cut a long oval out of cardstock. It should measure about 5 x 11 inches. Tape your desired phrase onto the middle of the oval.


Slide your stencil into your tights. Make sure there is about a 4-inch tail of tight at the bottom. This will be the area for your foot and ankle.


The cardboard will naturally curve due to the tights being so elastic. Let it curve under and then trace the stencil using your fabric or acrylic paint.


Once dry, curve the cardboard in the other direction. This will peel the tights away from the stencil. Add a second coat of paint to your typography stockings.


Once completely dry, remove your stencils from the tights.


Ridin’ round in it, flawless. 


Wait… what??


We are obsessed and can’t wait to walk around in these bad boys.


Wait, flaw? What, less.


*Bonus! A DIY fail! Not only did we mix up the legs, but we also ripped a hole in the stocking when putting them on. Ugh! The worst! If you’re like us, you’ll need to snag a copy of our Homemakers book to learn tips and tricks to preventing runs in your stockings.


There we go! A little Clueless action for our ’90s chick.

What fun sayings would you like to wear on the back of your tights? Let us know in the comments below!