During last night’s Oscars, host Ellen DeGeneres did something that was terrible for Twitter, good for humankind and great for Samsung. She gathered Bradley Cooper, Frank Underwood, Brangelina, Magic Mike, MERYL, JLaw, Julia Roberts, our new BFF Lupita Nyong’o and her bro for a selfie of proportions so epic that it broke Twitter. And now YOU can photobomb it!

Urturn is an app and website that lets you copy and paste yourself into any photo, like Ellen’s Twitter-crashing superstar-studded Oscars selfie, in a couple super simple steps. No Photoshop skills required!

If I could have, I would have gone for a snuggle with Channing Tatum, but I guess Meryl Streep will have to do.

Hope you have your acceptance speech prepped and ready to go because Urturn loves you, it really loves you with Oscars filters that let you give yourself the award you’ve always deserved. Except for Best Dressed, you can’t have that one, it’s Lupita’s.

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