Technology, fashion, crowd-funding, locally made products — these are a few of our favorite things, and when they’re all rolled into one, we can’t resist. But before we get too deep into it, here’s a fun fact: While a ton of apparel companies launch on Kickstarter, less than 10 have made it past the $100,000 mark. New basics brand Victor Athletics just passed its goal this month, and they deserve to be congratulated in a big way.


The creators behind Noble Denim, a small-batch apparel maker out of Cincinnati, met with local factory owners and decided that more needed to be done to support the industry and their devoted workforce. With Victory Athletics, Noble Denim has pledged to not only reduce the price of quality, stylish basics through direct-to-consumer sales, but also to invest back in local manufacturing communities.


According to their inspiring and beautifully produced video, which you can watch in full here, in 1980, 80% of apparel was made in America. Now, only 2% is made here. Victor Athletics hopes to bring work back to the local factories and pledges to invest 5% of profits back into those factories for employee support.


And the best part of it is that the product is cool, y’all. It’s a slightly retro, back-to-basics approach that works for both men and women. So far, it’s just cotton sweatshirts, tees and joggers, but we’re confident once the word spreads, not only the about the comfy pieces, but also about the feel-good story, Victor will be expanding. Rapidly.


Their Kickstarter campaign has ended, but you can still pick up your basics over on their website. Prices range from $28-$93, and in return for your purchase, you can be among the first to get these soon-to-be-classic pieces, whether you use them for good (a jog) or a guilty pleasure (Netflix binge, anyone?).

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