There’s no hiding our endless enthusiasm for cool, innovative apps and gadgets that make life better. From trying on makeup online to keeping an eye on Fido to time travel, technology has helped make life in the 21st century smooth, efficient and fun. And here we have some of the biggest, buzziest, life-hacking gadgets and apps that we are dying to get our hands on. They’re debuting this year and taking pre-orders now. So get those online shopping fingers ready.


1. Ringly ($195-$260): We’d buy this pretty ring no matter what (looking at you, pink sapphire), but what makes it even prettier is its ability to tell you when important messages, emails or calls are coming in through a subtle buzz. You control what matters, so that discreet shake will let you know that the potential new gig you interviewed for is calling during your morning meetings and you can gracefully excuse yourself.


2. Prynt ($129): Sometimes you really do just want to share a photo IRL. Prynt makes your phone case a mobile printing station so you can print that hilarious instagram (#blessed) off for all your friends. We can see this being pretty epic when partnered with a guestbook at your wedding.


3. Luna Sleep ($235-$265): Sleep more andsleep better? Sign us up! Luna Sleep is a powerhouse of a mattress cover that can warm your bed for you, track your sleep habits, wake you up at the optimal time and more. Anyone with a snoring bedpartner should sign up immediately.


4. Navdy ($319) One part Google Glass, one part GPS — Navdy gets futuristic and projects your phone (texts, maps and more) right in front of you. No more looking down at your phone (which is so dangerous!), because the phone’s data floats up to six feet in front of you. Even George Jetson would be impressed.


5. Scribble Pen ($80 – $150) Calling all creatives. This pen draws in any color. Any. Color. — like the perfect shade of your bridesmaids dresses or your grandmother’s garden roses. And the best part? You can go analog and draw on paper or you can go digital and draw on your tablet!

Tell us which you’re most excited about in the comments!