Normally, we’d say, “The more shoes the merrier,” but this smart shoe could really minimize the heels section of our closets. Funding on Indiegogo, the Volvorii Smart Shoe has a color/pattern changing panel that you can adjust via your smartphone to match whatever it is that you’re wearing.


In a second, you can go from subdued office look to a pop of color on your pump, because technology is awesome. The panel is an e-paper display — aka, a colorful, flexible version of your Kindle screen. You can get the shoe in black or white and of course change the panel all you want.


The team of creators also plans to launch a line of accessories that you can clip onto the shoe to further customize it. Think bows or baubles. There’s even a back attachment option if you want to add an ankle strap.


Of course, our first question is: Will we be able to wear it all night long? The inventors say it’s comfortable, so we’re hopeful that means the answer is yes.

To support the project, you can pledge any amount, but to get your own pair of Volvoriis, you need to lay down $249. They plan on retailing them for $499.

What other possibilities do you see for smart shoe technology? Let us know in the comments!