Folks, it’s the night before Christmas! Well, if you’re reading this first thing it’s actually the morning before Christmas but… no matter what, it’s time to finish wrapping all those prezzies! And guess who your new best friend is? Washi tape. With a line here, a star there, and even a pair of antlers, you can turn any gift box or brown paper package into something to talk about. Read on to see how it’s done.


– washi tape

– brown kraft paper (or kraft gift boxes)


– scissors

We used a whole bunch of washi tape found all over Brit HQ. If you ever come to visit, don’t be surprised when you find out that, when in doubt, you can always washi it! ;)

Wrap up your presents in brown kraft paper — you can find this at most craft stores, the post office, or even the grocery store. You can also turn brown paper bags into gift wrap if you’re in a real pinch.

Use washi to create any design you like. You can go with diagonal stripes that criss cross on your package — anything goes.

Go for straight up stripes using different colors and patterns.

O Tanenbaum! ;)

I mean, how adorable is that washi star?

We even made Rudolph!

Our finishing touch was this snowflake — so easy to make and festive as ever.

Voila! In minutes, we turned a bunch of plain old gifts and gift boxes into an army of washi awesomeness. Now, stop looking at the Internet and go wrap those presents!

What last minute wrapping techniques do you turn to on Christmas eve? Talk to us in the comments below.